Grammar Quiz

Simple Present and Past Tenses Quiz


My father ______ 5 kilometers in the park last week.

A. run

B. was run

C. runned

D. ran

I _______ something very delicious in the kitchen.

A. is smelling

B. smelling

C. smells

D. smell

My teacher sometimes _______ her keys.

A. forgets

B. forget

C. forgot

D. forgotten

He _____ very fast in the race last Sunday.

A. runs

B. doesn’t run

C. didn’t run

D. was ran

My best friend and I _______ to the town last month.

A. cycle

B. cycled

C. will cycle

D. cycling

Usually, my sister _____ the car at night.

A. drives

B. doesn’t drive

C. didn’t drive

D. don’t drive

I ____ the door for my relatives when they visited me the previous night.

A. opens

B. opened

C. will open

D. open

I ______ football in the court yesterday.

A. played

B. plaied

C. plays

D. playing

They _____ their kids everyday to school.

A. drives

B. drive

C. no drive

D. drived

……. you ……. how fast that cat ran after the mouse?

A. Does … see

B. Did … sees

C. Did … see

D. Did … saw

The soup _____ delicious.

A. taste

B. is taste

C. toast

D. tastes

We _____ the Imperial Castle on my school tour last year.

A. visits

B. visited

C. will visit

D. was visit

______ she in the room?

A. Was

B. Is

C. Will

D. Are

Scientists believe that the Earth _______ spherical.

A. are

B. will be

C. is

D. was

I ______ my teeth every night before going to bed.

A. brushes

B. brushing

C. will brush

D. brush

I ______ some eggs and salad at home this morning.

A. ate

B. eat

C. eaten

D. was eaten

Ahmad ______ the football match on TV last night.

A. sees

B. saw

C. was see

D. seeing

……. she ……. to school every day?

A. Does … walk

B. Does … walks

C. Walk … does

D. Walks

The little boy ______ his teeth twice a day!

A. brush

B. brushes

C. was brush

D. will brush

We _____ new vocabulary at school yesterday.

A. learning

B. will learn

C. learnt

D. learns


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