Grammar Quiz

Simple Present and Past Tenses Quiz


The soup _____ delicious.

A. taste

B. is taste

C. toast

D. tastes

We _____ new vocabulary at school yesterday.

A. learning

B. will learn

C. learnt

D. learns

He _____ very fast in the race last Sunday.

A. runs

B. doesn’t run

C. didn’t run

D. was ran

I ______ my teeth every night before going to bed.

A. brushes

B. brushing

C. will brush

D. brush

……. you ……. how fast that cat ran after the mouse?

A. Does … see

B. Did … sees

C. Did … see

D. Did … saw

……. she ……. to school every day?

A. Does … walk

B. Does … walks

C. Walk … does

D. Walks

______ she in the room?

A. Was

B. Is

C. Will

D. Are

Ahmad ______ the football match on TV last night.

A. sees

B. saw

C. was see

D. seeing

I ____ the door for my relatives when they visited me the previous night.

A. opens

B. opened

C. will open

D. open

Usually, my sister _____ the car at night.

A. drives

B. doesn’t drive

C. didn’t drive

D. don’t drive

I ______ some eggs and salad at home this morning.

A. ate

B. eat

C. eaten

D. was eaten

Scientists believe that the Earth _______ spherical.

A. are

B. will be

C. is

D. was

I ______ football in the court yesterday.

A. played

B. plaied

C. plays

D. playing

We _____ the Imperial Castle on my school tour last year.

A. visits

B. visited

C. will visit

D. was visit

The little boy ______ his teeth twice a day!

A. brush

B. brushes

C. was brush

D. will brush

My best friend and I _______ to the town last month.

A. cycle

B. cycled

C. will cycle

D. cycling

My teacher sometimes _______ her keys.

A. forgets

B. forget

C. forgot

D. forgotten

They _____ their kids everyday to school.

A. drives

B. drive

C. no drive

D. drived

My father ______ 5 kilometers in the park last week.

A. run

B. was run

C. runned

D. ran

I _______ something very delicious in the kitchen.

A. is smelling

B. smelling

C. smells

D. smell


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