Grammar Quiz

Simple present/ past/ future tense Quiz


All ________ (come) home very late last night.

A. came

B. comes

C. come

D. will come

Yu Yan ___________ (read) the book when she is free.

A. read (past tense)

B. reads

C. read (present tense)

D. will read

I ________ (see) you later.

A. saw

B. sees

C. see

D. will see

My sister _______ (learn) Spanish last summer.

A. learnt

B. learns

C. learn

D. will learn

Tomorrow, the sun _______ (rise) at 6 am.

A. rose

B. rises

C. rise

D. will rise

Hao Yi and his brother ______ (go) to the park every Sunday.

A. went

B. goes

C. go

D. will go

I ______ (send) you the information when I get it.

A. sent

B. sends

C. send

D. will send

The rain _________ (stop) an hour ago.

A. stopped

B. stops

C. stop

D. will stop

He _______ (cut) his finger and went to hospital.

A. cut (past tense)

B. cuts

C. cut (present tense)

D. will cut

Mr Tan ______ (catch) the train every working day.

A. caught

B. catches

C. catch

D. will catch


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