Grammar Quiz

Simple Present Progressive Quiz


___ he drinking water?

A. Is

B. Are

C. Am

Carlos esta comprando un carro en el autolavado.

A. carlos´s is buying a car in the carwash

B. carlos is buying a car in the carwash

C. Carlos is buying an car in the carwash

we are __________ the homework in my house

A. making

B. doing

C. walking

Are you _________ for me?

A. waits

B. waited

C. waiting

Is she _________ for a book?

A. look

B. looking

C. looked

You__________ in Rionegro

A. are living

B. is living

C. living are

D. are liveing

My mother and I __________ (talk) on the phone.

A. am talking

B. is talking

C. talking

D. are talking

My dog is ________ water.

A. drank

B. drink

C. drinking

you are ____________ an orange juice in the shop

A. taking

B. drinking

C. making

He ___ learning English.

A. is

B. are

C. was

Are you __________ japanese?

A. study

B. studying

C. studied

They ______ _____ ________ t.v

A. not are watching

B. are watching not

C. are watching not

D. are not watching

I ____ _________ English

A. is teaching

B. am eating

C. am teaching

D. is eating

My father ___ working.

A. is

B. am

C. was

_____ Mary (buy) _________the newspaper?

A. are buying

B. is buing

C. is buying

D. am buying

Mary and Peter ____ __________ the house

A. is painting

B. am painting

C. are painting

D. painting

They´re ______ in the bed

A. walking

B. running

C. jumping

Is she wearing a blue jacket

A. yes, shes wearing

B. yes, she´s wearing a she a blue jacket

C. No, She´s not

The eagle _____ __________ high

A. are flying

B. flying is

C. is flying

D. am flying

I´m____________ a history for my boyfriend

A. reading

B. buying

C. eating


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