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Simple Present vs Present Progresive Quiz


_____ you usually __________ your clothes?

A. Do, iron

B. Are, ironing

C. Does, iron

The school ………………………. be open next week.

A. are going to

B. is going to

C. is going

D. am going to

I _________ home at 5 p.m. today.

A. am coming

B. comes

C. come

I _________ home at 5 p.m. today.

A. am coming

B. comes

C. come

I ………….. football in the park at the moment

A. play

B. playing

C. is playing

D. am playing

She __________________ to the beach the next week.

A. is not going

B. are going

C. is go

D. is not went

What ______ your family usually ________ on weekends?

A. is, doing

B. does, do

C. do, does

I………. (not have ) an appointment today.

A. are not having

B. am not having

C. not have

D. do not have

Jenny ___________ the missing files now.

A. look for

B. is looking for

C. looking for

The expression [ now ] comes with the tense

A. present simple

B. present perfect simple

C. present perfect progressive

D. present progressive

Nicole ______________________ to music at the moment.

A. listens

B. is listening

C. listen

________ Mary _____________ a newspaper right now?

A. Are / reading

B. reads

C. Is / reading

My aunt _________ tomorrow.

A. comes

B. come

C. is coming

she usually …………. a cake

A. made

B. is making

C. makes

D. make

Babies _________ a lot during their first year.

A. are sleeping

B. sleeps

C. sleep

……….. you sleep early everyday?

A. Are

B. Does

C. Is

D. Do

He usually ___________ the newspaper online.

A. reads

B. is reading

C. read

What time ________ you _________ to the movies tonight?

A. are, going

B. does, go

C. do, go

My father often __________ at the computer for hours.

A. is sitting

B. sit

C. sits

Kate ____________ her breakfast at 7am everyday.

A. is having

B. has

C. have

Tom _____________ tennis on weekends.

A. play

B. is playing

C. plays

I _______________ English class during this month.

A. am not take

B. am not taking

C. are not taking

D. am not take

Alan thinks he is going to _______ his room tomorrow.

A. paint

B. painting

C. panted

This year I ____________ two language courses – English and Arabic.

A. take

B. takes

C. am taking

The man _____________________ a delicious meal right now.

A. cook

B. cooks

C. is cooking


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