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Simple Tenses in English Quiz


Which is correct?

A. He won’t bring his book to class.

B. He willn’t bring his book to class.

_________ they surf the Internet every day?

A. Do

B. Does

C. Did

D. Will

With which pronouns you add the letter “s” at the end of the verb?

A. We, You, He

B. He, She, They

C. He, She, it

Find the verb in past

A. done

B. ate

C. fix

Which is correct?

A. Will the children play hockey next weekend?

B. Will the children plays hockey next weekend?

Pick the correct tense

Do you play soccer every weekend?

A. Simple past

B. Simple Future

C. Simple Present

I use ________ to make negative sentences in past.

A. did + not + infinitive of the verb

B. do + not + infinitive of the verb

C. have/has + not + past participle

D. will + no + infinitive of the verb

Find the sentence in english:

Nosotros no habremos traido la comida.

A. We bring the food

B. We will bring the food

C. We brought the food.

learn is

A. regular

B. irregular

C. both

Time expression used in future

A. last week-yesterday

B. tomorrow- next week

C. today-everyday

Drive is

A. regular

B. irregular

The contracted form for did + not is

A. diden’t

B. didnot’

C. didn’t

I add _____ to the infinitive of regular verbs in past.

A. ing

B. s

C. es

D. ed

Did you ………. to the cinema?

A. went

B. go

C. to go

Past of read

A. read

B. readed

C. readen

…… she …… the tennis match last year?

A. Does/won

B. Did/win

C. Did/won

Chosse the correct sentence

A. The dog never run out the house.

B. The dogs never runs out the house.

C. The dog never runs out the house.

D. The dogs never outs the house.

Which is a signal word for simple present?

A. now

B. last Monday

C. often

Which are present simple tense auxiliaries?

A. Have and Has

B. Did and Do

C. Do and Does

Typical signal words for he Simple Past are

A. yet-already-since-for

B. yesterday-last night-ago-

C. everyday-today-in the morning

Find the sentences in english

Quieres venir a la fiesta conmigo?

A. Do you want to come to the party with ne?

B. Will you want to come to the party with me?

C. Does you wants to come to the party with me?

D. Did you want to come to the party with me ?

In future the verb run in third person is…

A. Will run

B. Will runs

C. Will running

Which is correct?

A. I will go to the park tomorrow.

B. I will going to the park tomorrow.

In present which is the correct form in 3rd person of this verb

A. goes

B. gos

C. goies

Pick the auxiliar to the tense Future

A. will

B. do-does

C. did


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