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Simple vs Continuous Past Tense Quiz


Toni ________ a speech when all of us were paying attention to him

A. delivered

B. was delivering

C. deliver

D. delivers

My mom was making a pizza when I______home

A. get

B. gets

C. got

D. was getting

Tom____a photograph of me while I______

A. took-didn’t look

B. was taking-wasn’t looking

C. took-wasn’t looking

D. took-looked

Betty______ when I visited her

A. sleep

B. sleeps

C. slept

D. was sleeping

Last night I____in bed when suddenly I______ scream

A. was reading-heard

B. was reading-was hearing

C. read-was hearing

D. read-heard

when the teacher_____, the boys ______ chess

A. came-played

B. were coming-played

C. came-were playing

D. come-play

while my father_______ a newspaper, My mom was preparing breakfast for family

A. read

B. was reading

C. reads

D. was read

when teacher was explaining the material, Toni _______

A. daydreams

B. daydreamed

C. was daydreaming

D. was daydreamed

I _______ in the living room when somebody knocked at the door

A. sit

B. sits

C. was sitting

D. was sit

She _________ the letter when Mr. Ray called her

A. typed

B. was typing

C. is typing

D. will type

we______ a fun “lomba makan kerupuk” when It started to rain

A. was having

B. have

C. were having

D. had

She______when I was reading a novel

A. was reading

B. were reading

C. read

D. is read

We were dancing when suddenly the music_____

A. stopped

B. was stopping

C. has stopped

D. stops

I ______ down the street when the accident happened

A. walk

B. was walking

C. walked

D. were walking

The party was over when I _______

A. was joining

B. joins

C. join

D. joined


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