Grammar Quiz

Subject-Verb Agreement Quiz


Women _____ family-oriented shows

A. prefers

B. prefer

The children _____________ each given an ice cream cone at the funfair last Saturday.

A. is

B. are

C. was

D. were

One of the soldiers __________________ during the exercise last week.

A. is wounded

B. were wounded

C. was wounded

D. are wounded

Dan _____ the thief who stole his phone.

A. chases

B. chase

In yesterday’s presentation, each of those in attendance ____________ given a brochure and a coupon.

A. was

B. is

C. were

D. are

Diligence and determination ______________ vital to success.

A. is

B. are

C. was

D. were

Cherry _____ delicious pastries.

A. bakes

B. bake

My cousins _____ to play Uno.

A. loves

B. love

The teacher, together with her students, __________, busy _____________ the classroom for Parent’ Night.

A. has… decorating

B. are… decorated

C. is… decorated

D. is… decorating

Sheila ______ me to be friends with his brother.

A. want

B. wants

A lot of attention _______________ given to the design of this watch.

A. has

B. have

C. is

D. are

My parents _____ not allow me to use my phone during school days.

A. does

B. do

Their dean ______ them to be the better version of themselves

A. inspires

B. inspire

They ______ unaware of the negative effects of what they are doing.

A. am

B. is

C. are

Everyone in the class ___________________ happy with the performance of our team and we celebrated by having a burger party.

A. were

B. are

C. was

D. is

Quite a few of them ________________ to go to Sentosa but Peter, as well as Judy and Colin, _________ going to Johor Bahru instead.

A. want… prefers

B. want… prefer

C. wants… prefer

D. wants… prefers

The committee ________________ divided over the issue of whether to make reforms or not. The chairman will cast his decisive vote.

A. were

B. are

C. was

D. is

Babies ______ when their pampers are full.

A. cry

B. cries

Time and love_______________ human beings years for most.

A. is

B. are

C. was

D. were

Children _____ from educational TV shows.

A. learn

B. learns

Elaine _____ English fluently.

A. speaks

B. speak

Father ______ hard for the family.

A. work

B. works

Either the principle or the Standard Four form teachers ________________ th ekey to the cabinet. Can you fetch it for me?

A. hold

B. holds

C. is holding

D. held

A couple of sugar cubes ________________ the tea sweet.

A. make

B. makes

C. is made

D. are made

Teachers ______ for their lesson before going to school.

A. prepares

B. prepare


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