Grammar Quiz

Superlative Adjectives Quiz


My friend Karol is the …..

A. Ugly

B. Ugliest

C. Uglier

The cats are the ______________ pets in Malaysia.

A. common

B. commenest

C. most common

D. most commenest

Who is ……. person in your family

A. the tallest

B. taller

c. the most tall

D. more tall

JDT is ______ football team in Malaysia.

A. best

B. the best

C. most best

D. more best

My sister thinks she’s………… than me, but I don’t agree!

A. the most intelligent

B. intelligenter

c. more intelligent

Snakes are ______ animals to me.

A. scary

B. scarier than

C. the scariest

D. the more scary

The elephant is the _______________ land animals in the world.

A. bigest

B. biggest

C. most big

D. most biggest

Siti Nurhaliza is ______ singer in our country.

A. famous

B. most famous

C. the most famous

D. the famousest

Tom is the …… person in the gym

A. Weakest

B. Weak

C. Weak than

Do you think the Harry Potter films are ……… than the books?

A. gooder

B. better

c. the best

D. the goodest

That is the _______ shopping centre in town!

A. biggest

B. bigger

C. big

D. most big

The bees are the ____________ animal in the world.

A. busy

B. busyiest

C. busiest

D. most busy

The _________________ place in Malaysia is Chuping, Perlis.

A. hot

B. hotest

C. hottest

D. most hot

I think Albert Einstein was ……….. scientist in the world.

A. the brilliant

B. more brilliant

c. the most brilliant

One of the ________ wild animals in the UK is the rabbit.

A. most common

B. more common

The peacock is the _______________________ animal that I have ever seen.

A. beautiful

B. beautifulest

C. most beatiful

D. most beautiful

The children of English class are ____________ students. (quiet)

A. the most quiet

B. the quiet

C. the most quietest

D. the quietest

Ethan is ………. boy that I know.

A. the happyest

B. the happiest

c. the happier

Is Angelina Jolie ………. than Sandra Bullock?

A. older

B. oldest

c. the oldest

The _______________ animal in world is the giraffe.

A. tall

B. tallest

C. most tallest

D. talest

That girl is the …..

A. Crazier

B. Craziest

C. The crazy

One of the ___________________ animal in China is panda.

A. famous

B. famousest

C. most famous

D. most famousest

What is…………. month of the year in England?

A. the wettest

B. the wetest

c. wetter

The snail is the ….. animal

A. Slowest

B. Slow

C. Slower

December is ………. month of the year in my country.

A. the coldest

B. the most cold

c. colder

D. the colder


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