Superlative Adjectives Quiz


That boy is the ….. In the school.

A. Sad

B. Saddest

C. Sadder

Josh is ____________ student in the school. (fast)

A. the most fastest

B. the fastest

C. the fast

The snail is the ….. animal

A. Slowest

B. Slow

C. Slower

Patrick´s console game is ___________ in the shop. (new)

A. the new

B. the most new

C. the newest

This book is the ……

A. Interesting

B. Most interesting

C. Interestingest

That girl is the …..

A. Crazier

B. Craziest

C. The crazy

My house is the …… In the town.

A. Small

B. Smaller

C. Smallest

Tom is the …… person in the gym

A. Weakest

B. Weak

C. Weak than

My friend Karol is the …..

A. Ugly

B. Ugliest

C. Uglier

The teacher is ____________ person in the classroom. (tall)

A. the most tall

B. the most tallest

C. the tallest


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