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Your socks are smelly !! Keep them at the laundry .What is the synonym of the underlined word?

A. scent

B. colourful

C. stinky

D. dirty

What is the synonym word of “large” ?

A. gigantic

B. narrow

C. messy

D. small

A synonym for smile is ……

A. laugh

B. frown

C. grin

D. broad

Which of the following is the synonym of “wonderful” ?

A. amazing

B. sunny

C. smile

D. warm

a synonym for decay is ……

A. tradition

B. slide

C. destroy

D. spoil

A synonym for worried is _______________ .

A. troubled

B. ignored

C. unconcerned

D. calm

Another word for timid is…….

A. funny

B. outgoing

C. shy

D. shame

Please take out the rubbish. Another word for rubbish is….

A. laundry

B. rocks

C. bins

D. trash

A synonym for important is _______________ .

A. significant

B. ordinary

C. message

D. adjusted

A synonym for precious is ____________________.

A. valuable

B. ordinary

C. common

D. bland

A synonym for sick is:

A. well

B. ill

C. sad

D. mad

A synonym for decide is ______________ .

A. settled

B. choose

C. determine

D. all of the above

Which word means the same as “burst” in the sentence below?

“Sara and Amy burst out of their house to get to the car first.”

A. they walked slowly out the house

B. they hurried out of the door

C. they broke the door

Hurry : rush as fearless : __________

A. shy

B. brave

C. afraid

D. nervous

A synonym for respect is ___________________ .

A. scorn

B. honour

C. disobey

D. all of the above

The dog was FRIGHTENED by the loud noises.

A. bold

B. calm

C. quiet

D. terrified

What means the same as ESTIMATE?

A. choose

B. guess

C. write

D. money

Which word has the same meaning as “pleased” ?

A. angry

B. fearful

C. confused

D. satisfied

Shakir slammed the door. What does the meaning of the underline word?

A. shut

B. barked

C. opened

D. smiled


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