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Alice really likes having noodles for breakfast, ____?

A. is she

B. did she

C. hasn’t she

D. doesn’t she

Sophie wrote a letter yesterday,____?

A. was she

B. didn’t she

C. did she

D. wasn’t she

Dave prefers to travel by bus,____?

A. does he

B. doesn’t he

C. did he

D. didn’t he

She has breakfast at 7:30 am, ..?

A. hasn’t she

B. haven’t she

C. does she

D. doesn’t she?

The bus tour was terrible,____?

A. was it

B. did it

C. wasn’t it

D. didn’t it

The girl can’t run very fast, __________________?

A. does she

B. can she

C. isn’t she

This dolphin won’t bite my baby-belly, __________

A. won’t it?

B. will it?

C. does it?

D. would it?

Michael Jordan was a good basketball player, __________________?

A. didn’t he

B. is he

C. wasn’t he

They don’t like city tours, _____?

A. do they

B. don’t they

C. are they

D. aren’t they

You saw the monument on the tour,___?

A. don’t you

B. do you

C. did you

D. didn’t you

You’ve studied English for a long time, ______?

A. did you

B. didn’t you

C. have you

D. haven’t you

Linda is busy right now, ________?

A. does she?

B. isn’t she?

C. hasn’t she?

D. is she?

Tommy can’t speak English very well, ____ ?

A. isn’t he

B. is he

C. can’t he

D. can he

John studied in Paris, _____________?

A. does he?

B. didn’t he?

C. did he?

D. doesn’t he?

Rania wears glasses, ….?

A. do she

B. not she

C. wear she

D. doesn’t she

Dave prefers to travel by bus,____?

A. does he

B. doesn’t he

C. did he

D. didn’t he

Your computer has been broken for while now, _______?

A. has it?

B. have it?

C. haven’t it?

D. hasn’t it?

She can sing well, …?

A. can’t she

B. can she

C. couldn’t she

D. doesn’t she

Mary didn’t use to work so late, ….?

A. did she

B. did he

C. didn’t she

D. doen’t she

You don’t know how to write an essay, ______?

A. do you?

B. don’t you?

C. have you?

D. are you?

She went to the disco, __________?

A. doesn’t she

B. won’t she

C. will she

D. didn’t she

She wasn’t busy yesterday, _______?

A. did she?

B. was she?

C. didn’t she?

D. wasn’t she?

We can become greener,____?

A. can we

B. are we

C. can’t we

D. aren’t we

The children still need these toys, ___________?

A. aren’t they?

B. are they?

C. don’t they?

D. do they?

Sophie is not going camping this weekend,____?

A. isn’t she

B. is she

C. did she

D. didn’t she


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