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My check was seldom correct, _______?

A. was it

B. wasn’t it

C. isn’t it

D. is it

E. won’t it

Ann called Sam,….

A. not she?

B. doesn’t she?

C. didn’t she?

D. did she?

Bushmaster is Venezuelan, __________?

A. isn’t he

B. doesn’t she

C. is she

D. is he

There won’t be a next time, ___

A. will it?

B. won’t there?

C. will there?

When I was a kid my brother loved clowns, ____ _____?

A. didn´t he?

B. does he?

C. is he?

You’ve got your umbrella with you,______

A. have you?

B. do they?

C. aren’t we

D. was it?

E. haven’t you

The cat drank the milk, ________?

A. did it?

B. didn’t it?

C. has it?

D. hasn’t it?

‘She works in a school, ___?’

A. doesn’t she

B. has she

C. does she 

D. isn’t she

This elephant likes bananas, … ?

A. doesn’t he

B. does this

C. does it

D. doesn’t it

My dog is not black, ____ ____?

A. isn´t it?

B. is it?

C. does it?

We can become greener,____?

A. can we

B. are we

C. can’t we

D. aren’t we

They left home earlier, ____

A. weren’t they?

B. did they?

C. didn’t they?

D. were they?

Your brother didn’t do his homework, _______?

A. does he?

B. did he?

C. doesn’t he?

D. didn’t he?

You couldn’t help me carry these things, _________ you?

A. would

B. could

C. couldn’t

D. should

She has an older brother, _______?

A. does she?

B. doesn’t she?

C. has she?

D. hasn’t she?

You saw the monument on the tour,___?

A. don’t you

B. do you

C. did you

D. didn’t you

My parents weren´t happy with my scores in English subject.

My parents ______

A. so

B. either

C. neither

D. too

It`s great to see each other again, 

A. isn`t it?

B. doesn`t it?

C. is it?

You haven’t tidied your room,_______

A. have you?

B. do they?

C. aren’t we

D. was it?

E. haven’t you

People can´t help the environment anymore, ___________?

A. can´t they?

B. can they?

C. do they?

D. don´t they?

Close the door, ________?

A. don’t you?

B. are you?

C. will you?

D. should you?

He is American, _________?

A. isn’t he

B. isn’t she

C. is he

D. is she

He was tired yesterday, ___

A. weren’t he?

B. wasn’t he?

C. isn’t he?

Jack didn’t do anything last night, _______?

A. did he

B. did Jack

C. didn’t he

D. doesn’t he

E. does Jack

She looks gorgeous in that coat, _________?

A. doesn´t she?

B. does she?

C. will she?

D. won´t she?


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