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Tommy can’t speak English very well, ____ ?

A. isn’t he

B. is he

C. can’t he

D. can he

You haven’t finished the assignment, ______?

A. don’t you?

B. do you?

C. have you?

D. haven’t you?

How much does this motorcycle cost?

A. I’d like to know how much this motorcycle costs.

B. I’d like to know how much does this motorcycle cost.

My check was seldom correct, _______?

A. was it

B. wasn’t it

C. isn’t it

D. is it

E. won’t it

These local horses have been getting more and more aggressive, __________

A. don’t they?

B. aren’t they?

C. haven’t they?

D. hasn’t it?

Jack didn’t do anything last night, _______?

A. did he

B. did Jack

C. didn’t he

D. doesn’t he

E. does Jack

There are some apples left, ………………?

A. isn’t there

B. is there

C. aren’t there

D. are there

Tina has to take care of her brother tonight, ____?

A. hasn’t she

B. didn’t she

C. doesn’t she

D. isn’t she

Carlos washes the dishes, ___ ____?

A. Do he?

B. Does she?

C. Doesn´t he?

Alice really likes having noodles for breakfast, ____?

A. is she

B. did she

C. hasn’t she

D. doesn’t she

Can you finish the project by tomorrow?

A. Would it be possible for you to finish the project by tomorrow?

B. Would it be possible if you could finish the project by tomorrow?

She is studying grammar,

A. she is?

B. is she?

C. isn’t she?

D. are she?

Bob and Jill are never late, ________?

A. aren’t they

B. are they

C. don’t they

D. is he

E. do they

There won’t be a next time, ___

A. will it?

B. won’t there?

C. will there?

Ann called Sam,….

A. not she?

B. doesn’t she?

C. didn’t she?

D. did she?

They don’t believe us,__________

A. have you?

B. do they?

C. aren’t we

D. was it?

E. haven’t you

Rock and Roll is the best kind of music in the world, ____ ____?

A. isn´t it?

B. isn´t he?

C. don´t he?

She can sing well, …?

A. can’t she

B. can she

C. couldn’t she

D. doesn’t she

You saw the monument on the tour,___?

A. don’t you

B. do you

C. did you

D. didn’t you

John studied in Paris, _____________?

A. does he?

B. didn’t he?

C. did he?

D. doesn’t he?

The bus tour was terrible,____?

A. was it

B. did it

C. wasn’t it

D. didn’t it

I think he’s from India, ………………?

A. is he

B. isn’t he

C. doesn’t he

D. does he

He can help you,_______ ?

A. can he

B. can she

C. can’t he

D. can’t she

Janet and Michael had such a good relationship, ___________

A. hadn’t they?

B. didn’t they?

C. haven’t they?

D. had they?

She is collecting stickers, ……………..?

A. is she

B. does she

C. isn’t she

D. doesn’t she


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