Grammar Quiz

Take or Put Quiz


You need to _____________ more responsibility for your health and eat better food.

A. put

B. take

__________ your time, i’m in no rush.

A. take

B. put

it ______________ me ages to get ready in the morining

A. puts

B. takes

Please don’t ___________ offence but that colour doesn’t suit you.

A. put

B. take

the new iphone has really _________ off; everybody’s buying it

A. put

B. taken

I can’t __________ in much information at the start of class because i’m tired.

A. put

B. take

My boss is _____________ pressure on me to work harder.

A. taking

B. putting

She ___________ her arms around me and gave me a big hug

A. put

B. gave

He ____________ offence when I told him he was a terrible footballer

A. put

B. took


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