Tenses and Pronouns Quiz


Those bags belong to my cousins. _________ bought them yesterday.

A. We

B. They

C. You

D. He

She speaks English perfectly … she has never been to England.

A. although

B. until

C. as soon as

D. whether

They always __________ (make) noise in the class.

A. make

B. made

C. making

D. makes

Although whales are mammals, _______________ live in the sea.

A. they

B. she

C. we

D. he

The boys are happy because __________ father bought for them some presents.

A. his

B. her

C. they

D. their

Choose the best pronoun to complete the following sentence.

The guide directed ………. to an American Indian art exhibit.
A. I

B. my

C. mine

D. me

Robert went out to play after ______ had taken his lunch.

A. she

B. he

C. it

D. they

Leo and May _____ (be) Christian. They _____ (go) to church every Sunday.

A. are…go

B. were…went

C. will be…will go

D. has been…have gone

Ali and I washed and polished mother’s car all by __________.

A. himself

B. yourself

C. ourselves

D. themselves

Scientists believe that they _____ (travel) to the space one day.

A. travel

B. will travel

C. traveled

D. has traveled

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