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Tenses - Pasive Voice Quiz


Did Mary buy this beautiful dress?

A. Was this dress bought by Mary?

B. Did this dress bought by Mary?

C. Was this dress buy by Mary?

D. Did this dress was bought by Mary?

It’s just a ______  that most teenagers go through. Don’t worry!

A. periods

B. phase

C. spell

D. timing

Tom will visit his parents next month.

Tom’s parents …..

A. will be visited

B. will visited

C. will visit

D. will be visit

We live in a/an ______ of mass communication.

A. spell

B. phase

C. era

D. millennium

I’ve got a very short concentration ______

A. spell

B. phase

C. span

D. stint

The council is planning to increase the ______  of buses to the city centre.

A. phases

B. frequency

C. time

D. period

We ___________ (see) Ken and Tricia when we go to the States as they’ll be away at the time, unfortunately.

A. won’t be seen

B. won’t be seeing

C. won’t see

D. won’t have seen

Where are you going?

A. I am going see a friend.

B. I’ll see a friend.

C. I’ll to see a friend.

D. I am going to see a friend.

We should clean our teeth twice a day.

Our teeth ……………….

A. should be cleaned

B. shouldn’t be cleaned

C. should be clean

D. should cleaned

I            a good hot bath in ten minutes in order to take good care of my skin.

A. will have  

B. will have had  

C. will be having  

D. am going to have

The manager didn’t phone the secretary this morning

The secretary………..

A. wasn’t phoned

B. was phoned

C. wasn’t phone

D. wasn’t to phone

That’s the phone- I ____ answer it.

A. am going to

B. will be

C. will

D. is going to

After a short ______  of being unemployed, I decided to set up my own business.

A. spell

B. stint

C. moment

D. phase

An old woman feeds the pigeons.

The pigeons ________________________

A. are fed

B. were fed by an old woman.

C. was fed by an old woman.

D. are feed

I completely forgot about it. Give me a moment; I ____ do it now.

A. am going to

B. will

C. will be

D. is going to

A bottle ________ (throw) outsides last night by him.

A. is thrown

B. was thrown

C. were thrown

D. is going to thrown

Despite advances in technology, no human being will ever live for a ______  in my opinion.

A. span

B. era

C. century

D. millennium

At your eye exam, you                         to read from an eye chart.

A. will probably ask

B. will probably be asked

C. are going to ask

D. are asking

If you have any problems, don’t worry; I ____ help you.

A. am going to

B. will

C. is going to

D. Will be

Look at those clouds- it ____ rain any minute now.

A. is going to

B. will

C. will be

D. am going to

_______________ (Terry / see) the email as he’s only just got here so we’d better discuss that first.

A. Terry won’t be seeing

B. Terry won’t have been seen

C. Terry won’t have seen

D. Terry won’t see

My father waters this flower every morning

This flower……………….

A. is watered

B. was watered

C. is be watered

D. are watered

Tea or coffee?

A. I’m going to have tea, please.

B. I’ll have tea, please.

C. I’ll have to tea, please.

D. m going to be to have tea, please.

What _______________ (you / do) this time next week?

A. will you be doing

B. will you be doing

C. will you do

D. Terry won’t see


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