Grammar Quiz

Tenses: Present simple, Past Simple, Future Simple Quiz


He … a new camera last week.

A. buys

B. will buy

C. bought

I think children … … books in 30 years.

A. won’t use

B. don’t use

C. didn’t use

My parents … a bike every day.

A. ride

B. rode

C. will ride

My brother George … … when he was three years old.

A. can read

B. could read

C. will read

I think schools … … more gadgets in future.

A. had

B. have

C. will have

I … a letter to my grandparents yesterday.

A. write

B. wrote

C. will write

… he often … to the seaside?

A. Does he often travels

B. Does he travel often

C. Does he often travel

My aunt … … her laptop last month.

A. doesn’t use

B. won’t use

C. didn’t use

… you … football tomorrow?

A. Do you play

B. Did you play

C. Will you play

We often … to the cinema on Sundays.

A. go

B. will go

C. went

Mary … home late yesterday.

A. comes

B. came

C. will come

She … in the sea last week.

A. swims

B. will swim

C. swam

Tom … … to the forest in summer.

A. doesn’t go

B. didn’t go

C. don’t go

They … play tennis next week.

A. will play

B. don’t play

C. didn’t play

My friend … last summer.

A. doesn’t travel

B. won’t travel

C. didn’t travel


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