Grammar Quiz

The First Conditional (if/unless) Quiz


I …. (invite) him to my party unless he … (say) sorry.

A. invite / says

B. won’t invite / says

C. invite / will say

If I pass my exam, I…. (go) to university.

A. ‘ll go

B. go

C. goes

Unless it …. raining, we won’t have a barbacue.

A. will stop

B. stop

C. stops

D. ‘ll stop

We’ll help local farmers if we …. their produce.

A. will buy

B. ‘ll buy

C. buy

I …. call you unless there’s a problem.

A. don’t

B. doesn’t

C. won’t

D. will

Unless we … (run), we … (catch) the train.

A. run / won’t catch

B. will run / catch

C. will run / will catch

What … if fossil fuels run out?

A. we do

B. we will do

C. will we do

If I call later, …. (be) at home?

A. you be

B. will you be

C. you will be

If Núria ….. you to her party, will you go?

A. will invite

B. invite

C. invites

We …. at home if we run out of money.

A. stay

B. ‘ll stay

C. stays

If Mum sees this mess, she …. angry

A. is

B. will be

C. be will

If they buy a new car, ….. ecofriendly?

A. it will be

B. will it be

C. it is

Unless more people …. (use) public transport, air polution will increase.

A. use

B. will use

C. ‘ll use

D. uses

You … happier if you talk to your boyfriend.

A. are

B. will be

C. be will

D. is


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