Grammar Quiz

The Simple Present Tense Quiz


The baby _____________ when she is hungry.

A. cry

B. cries

C. cried

D. crying

Nadech and Yaya ______________ to Japan every year.

A. flying

B. flies

C. flew

D. fly

John _______________ up early every day.

A. getting

B. get

C. to get

D. gets

Our friends usually _______________ milk.

A. drink

B. drinks

C. drinking

D. to drink

Wood always _______________ in water.

A. floats

B. float

C. floating

D. to float

The sun _____________ in the east.

A. rise

B. rose

C. rises

D. rising

A chef always _______________ food.

A. cook

B. cooks

C. cooking

D. cooked

The children often ____________ soccer

A. play

B. plays

C. playing

D. played

My mother and I _____________ the beautiful flowers in the garden.

A. plant

B. plants

C. planted

D. planting

Jack __________to school every day.

A. go

B. goes

C. going

D. went

Mrs. Kate _________________ English.

A. teach

B. teaches

C. teaching

D. taught

Dainel ________________ to school every day

A. walk

B. walks

C. walking

D. walked

My father and I always ____________ our teeth.

A. brushes

B. brushing

C. brushed

D. brush

He often _____________ a mistake.

A. made

B. make

C. makes

D. making

My daughter ____________her bike every week.

A. wash

B. washed

C. washes

D. washing

My cousin _____________ a chocolate cake for me.

A. baking

B. baked

C. bakes

D. bake

Fitria and Arief _____________ together at the party.

A. dancing

B. danced

C. dances

D. dance

They always ________________ in class.

A. talking

B. talk

C. talks

D. talked

The beggar _____________ his food hungrily.

A. eat

B. ate

C. eats

D. eating

They never _______________ me to the party.

A. invites

B. inviting

C. invite

D. invited


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