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What is this?

A. Table

B. Whiteboard

C. Door

D. Chair

In England this guy is called

A. Santa Claus

B. Father Christmas

Prince William of England would say: Where is my…?

A. sweater

B. jumper

This car is British. what do you call the yellow part of the picture?

A. license plate

B. number plate

What do people in the USA call this sport?

A. soccer

B. football

The man is …He likes helping others

A. creepy

B. funny

C. joyful

D. kind

A: How are you ?

B : ………………….
A. I am fine

B. I am six years old

C. I am from Gulingan

D. I am sleeping

What do you call this thing in Britain?

A. a vacuum cleaner

B. a hoover

What is the thing in the picture called if you are British?

A. pacifier

B. dummy

What does an American call the vegetable in the picture?

A. eggplant

B. aubergine

What do you call this sweet thing in Great Britain?

A. candy floss

B. cotton candy

A: What is your name ?

B : …………………………..
A. I am seven years old

B. My name is Ayu

C. I am from Mengwi

D. My hobby is singing

Is the thing in the picture from England or from the USA?

A. from England

B. from the USA

How do people in England spell km/h?

A. kilometre per hour

B. kilometer per hour

Indonesia is a big country.It … a lot of islands

A. does not have

B. do not have

C. have

D. has


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