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Third Conditional Quiz


If they __________ (go) to bed early, they __________ (not/wake) up late.

A. had gone – wouldn´t have woken

B. had went – wouldn´t have waken

She __________ (not/meet) him if she __________ (not/travel) to Europe.

A. wouldn´t have met – hadn´t traveled

B. wouldn´t has met – hadn´t travel

I __________ (be) late if I __________ (not/take) a taxi.

A. would have been – hadn´t taken

B. would have been – hadn´t took

We __________ (come) to your house if we __________ (be) invited.

A. would have come – had been

B. would had come – had be

I __________ (call) you if I __________ (not/forget) my phone.

A. would have called – hadn´t forgotten

B. would called – haven´t forgotten

If he __________ (become) a musician, he __________ (record) a CD.

A. had become – would have recorded

B. has become – would recorded

If she __________ (go) to the university, she __________ (study) French.

A. had gone – would have studied

B. has gone – would has studied

If you __________ (not/be) late, we __________ (not/miss) the bus.

A. hadn´t been – wouldn´t have missed

B. hadn´t be – wouldn´t missed

He __________ (be) happier if he __________ (stay) at home.

A. would have been – had stayed

B. would had been – has stayed

If she __________ (study) more, she __________ (pass) the exam.

A. had studied – would have passed

B. had study – would passed

She __________ (not/do) it if she __________ (know) your actual situation

A. wouldn´t have done – had known

B. wouldn´t has done – has known

If you __________ (not/take) the job, you __________ (go) travelling.

A. hadn´t taken – would have gone

B. hadn´t took – would have went

If I __________ (be) born in a different country, I __________ (learn) to speak a different language.

A. had been – would have learned

B. have been – would had learned

We use 3rd Conditional to talk about …

A. hypotetical or imaginary situations in the past.

B. hypotetical or imaginary situations in the present.

C. hypotetical or imaginary situations in the future.

If we __________ (arrive) earlier, we __________ (see) the actress.

A. had arrived – would have seen

B. had arrived – would have saw

We __________ (not/get) married if we __________ (not/go) to the same university.

A. wouldn´t have gotten – hadn´t gone

B. wouldn´t have get – hadn´t went


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