Time and Calendar Quiz


What time is it?

A. A quarter past two

B. Ten past three

C. Three past ten

D. Two past three

Selena was born in 1997. She entered elementary school in year 2004. How old was she when she entered elementary school?

A. 5 years old

B. 7 years old

C. 8 years old

D. 9 years old

National Teacher’s Day is on …..

A. October 25th

B. November 25th

C. December 22nd

D. January 17th

The Independence Day of Indonesia is on …..

A. July

B. August

C. October

D. November

Yesterday is Tuesday. What day is tomorrow?

A. Wednesday

B. Thursday

C. Friday

D. Monday

The month which do not have 31 days in a month ……

A. January

B. March

C. April

D. May

This month is July. The next two months is ……

A. August

B. September

C. June

D. April

August has ….. days.

A. 30

B. 31

C. 28

D. 29

ten to ten = …..

a. 10:10

b. 10:50

c. 09:50

d. 09:10

10:45 = ……

A. a half to eleven

B. a quarter to ten

C. a quarter to eleven

D. a quarter past ten

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