Grammar Quiz

Time Clause Quiz


When we _____him tomorrow, we will remind him of that.

A. will see

B. see

C. are seeing

D. saw

Once _______ with sufficient information, the freshmen will be more confident to start the course.

A. having provided

B. provided

C. are provided

D. providing

_________, Mary put the dishes away.

A. Since I have washed up

B. Until I was washing up

C. After I had washed up

D. While I was washed up

___________, I will give him the report.

A. When he will return

B. When he returns

C. Until he will return

D. No sooner he returns

We saw many beautiful bird while we _____ in the lake.

A. are fishing

B. fished

C. were fishing

D. fish

When the passenger ______, will you please give him that package?

A. will arrive

B. arrives

C. arriving

D. would arrive

Lan has learnt English since she ______ a small girl.

A. is

B. was

C. has been

D. had been

I’m going to speak with the boss when the meeting ______

A. end

B. will end

C. ends

D. ended

_______, you can go home.

A. No sooner you have finished the work

B. As soon as you have finished the work

C. Before you have finished the work

D. While you have finished the work

___________, Peter came to see me.

A. While having dinner

B. While I was having dinner

C. When having dinner

D. When I am having dinner

I haven’t met him again since we ______ school ten years ago.

A. have left

B. leave

C. left

D. had left

Only after she _______ from a severe illness did she realise the inportance of a good health.

A. would recover

B. has recovered

C. had recovered

D. was recovering

Before she came to England, she _____ English.

A. study

B. will study

C. studies

D. had studied

I have made a lot of friends since my family ______ here.

A. move

B. moved

C. have moved

D. will move

We will have prepared everything ______.

A. as soon as the meeting will begin

B. by the time the meeting begins

C. as long as the meeting would begin

D. after the meeting will began

Linda took great photos of butterflies while she _____ in the forest.

A. is hiking

B. was hiking

C. hiked

D. had hiked

Once _____in large qualities, these products will be more affordably priced.

A. are produced

B. produced

C. having produced

D. producing

I will come and see you _____________.

A. when I was finishing my homework

B. as soon as I have finished my homework

C. until I finished my homework

D. after I had finished my homework

I have earned my own living _____ I was seven.

A. since

B. when

C. while

D. as soon as

My grandparent passed away ________.

A. as soon as I would be born.

B. since i had been born

C. while i was born

D. before i was born

We’ll send you an email of confirmation _________.

A. after we had made our final decision

B. as soon as we have made our final decision

C. while we were making our final decision

D. before we made our final decision

Paul noticed a job advertisement while he ________ along the street.

A. was walking

B. walked

C. have walked

D. walk

By the time he retires, he _______$ 20,000.

A. will save

B. has saved

C. saved

D. will have saved

___________, she often wears in red.

A. After I have met her

B. Whenever I meet her

C. By the time I meet her

D. Until I will meet her


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