Time Clauses of Future Quiz


He _____________________ a doctor after he graduates.

A. going to be

B. will to be

C. is going to be

D. is

First, get to the hotel. Then, go surfing.

A. When I go surfing, I’ll get to the hotel.

B. I get to the hotel when I go surfing.

C. I’ll go surfing when I get to the hotel.

D. When I get to the hotel, I go surfing.

The postman arrived _________ I was having a bath.

A. no

B. as soon as

C. until

D. while

I will return from the business trip. Later, I will take a long leave.

A. After I will return from holiday I take a long leave.

B. After I return from holiday I will take a long leave.

C. After I has returned from holiday I will take a long leave

My suitcase comes out. Then, I go to the hotel.

A. Unless my suitcase comes, I go the hotel.

B. As soon as my suitcase comes, I’ll go to the hotel.

C. I’ll go to the hotel before my suitcase comes out.

D. After I’ll go the airport, my suitcase comes out.

Remember to put a stamp on the letter _____ you post it.

A. before

B. after

I’ll call you … my plane lands

A. until

B. if

C. in case

D. as soon as

The waiters are never there_______ you need them.

A. when

B. after

I’ll go on holiday…

A. before I have enough money.

B. if I’ll have enough money.

C. when I have enough

If it rains tomorrow, I (stay)_____________________ home.

A. will to stay

B. am going to stay

C. stays

D. going to stay

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