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TOEFL Grammar Quiz


“Where did you work before?”
“I worked only minutes _____ railroad track.”

A. from

B. from the

C. near

D. away

People drink this by pouring boiling water onto the dried leaves. It usually has a brown color. What is it?

A. Milk

B. Tea

C. Soft drink

Why is Robin happy?

A. He has a final exam to take.

B. His exams are over.

C. He is going to be a 5th grader next year.

This is a salad made with thinly cut raw cabbage. It is mixed with salad dressing. What is it?

A. Corn salad

B. Potato Salad

C. Coleslaw

The subway station is _____ here.

A. near

B. near to

C. near from

D. nearing

You usually do this before you play a sport. You straighten your arms and legs. What are you doing?

A. Crawling

B. Spreading

C. Streching

When the mountain forests _____, there can be large forest fires.

A. become dry

B. becoming dry

C. become drying

D. drying

What will Sharon find in the attached file?

A. A story about Claire’s childhood

B. Sharon’s feedback on her own essay

C. Claire’s comments on Sharon’s essay

You do this when you look at something or someone carefully for a long time without moving your eyes. What are you doing?

A. Staring

B. Laughing

C. Sleeping

It is a colored liquid that people use for writing. What is it?

A. Lead

B. Mud

C. Ink

“I don’t want to buy anything, do you?”
“Yes, I’d like to buy _____”

A. pencil

B. much pencils

C. any pencils

D. some pencils

When we woke up, everywhere was _____ snow.

A. covered

B. covered by

C. covered with

D. covering

Do earthquakes _____ often in North America?

A. break

B. break out

C. happen to

D. occur

Would you like to _____ to the United States?

A. trip

B. voyage

C. travel

D. went

We had better _____ before it begins to rain.

A. leave

B. leaving

C. to leave

D. to leaving

It is a piece of soft thin paper. You can use it when you blow your nose or wipe something off your skin.

A. a blanket

B. a towel

C. a tissue

_____ the hotel rooms are reserved throughout peak season.

A. Almost

B. Almost of

C. Almost all of

D. Most of all

Many fans showed up at the stadium. They were _____ the big game.

A. anxious seeing

B. anxious to see

C. to anxiously see

D. to see anxiously

How much should a 13-year-old boy pay for a one-day pass?

A. $48.00

B. $38.00

C. $28.00

“What kind of work are you doing for that company?”
“I’m _____ as an administrator.”

A. worked

B. occupied

C. hired

D. employed

We can _____ sports on Saturday if you’d like.

A. plays

B. has

C. does

D. play

This stadium can hold _____.

A. much audience

B. a large audience

C. much audiences

D. many audiences

What type of tickets is on the list?

A. One-day pass

B. One-week pass

C. Morning Pass

“Who did you meet at the community dinner dance?”
“I met many _____ people.”

A. grandly

B. celebration

C. fame

D. prominent

Most people at some stage have a feeling _____.

A. responsible

B. responsibility

C. of responsibility

D. to be responsible


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