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TOEFL Grammar Quiz


In winter, driving accidents occur quite _____ on the highways.

A. frequently

B. many

C. much

D. a few

“What kind of work are you doing for that company?”
“I’m _____ as an administrator.”

A. worked

B. occupied

C. hired

D. employed

When we woke up, everywhere was _____ snow.

A. covered

B. covered by

C. covered with

D. covering

We can _____ sports on Saturday if you’d like.

A. plays

B. has

C. does

D. play

A large crowd _____ in front of the train station.

A. gathering

B. to gather

C. had gathered

D. had gathering

“John isn’t sure that the meeting will be held tomorrow.”
“But I ____.”

A. certain

B. certainly

C. am certain

D. am certainly

Would you like to _____ to the United States?

A. trip

B. voyage

C. travel

D. went

_____ the hotel rooms are reserved throughout peak season.

A. Almost

B. Almost of

C. Almost all of

D. Most of all

When the mountain forests _____, there can be large forest fires.

A. become dry

B. becoming dry

C. become drying

D. drying

Most people at some stage have a feeling _____.

A. responsible

B. responsibility

C. of responsibility

D. to be responsible

The subway station is _____ here.

A. near

B. near to

C. near from

D. nearing

Do earthquakes _____ often in North America?

A. break

B. break out

C. happen to

D. occur

This stadium can hold _____.

A. much audience

B. a large audience

C. much audiences

D. many audiences

“Where did you work before?”
“I worked only minutes _____ railroad track.”

A. from

B. from the

C. near

D. away

“I don’t think it will rain at all today, do you?”
“No, I _____ so.”

A. think not

B. not think

C. don’t think

D. do think not

“I don’t want to buy anything, do you?”
“Yes, I’d like to buy _____”

A. pencil

B. much pencils

C. any pencils

D. some pencils

“Who did you meet at the community dinner dance?”
“I met many _____ people.”

A. grandly

B. celebration

C. fame

D. prominent

We have only another five minutes. I think we _____.

A. hurry

B. be hurry

C. to hurry

D. should hurry

Many fans showed up at the stadium. They were _____ the big game.

A. anxious seeing

B. anxious to see

C. to anxiously see

D. to see anxiously

We had better _____ before it begins to rain.

A. leave

B. leaving

C. to leave

D. to leaving


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