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Jeanne’s _______ approach to all of her work is what makes her so valuable to us.

A. methodological

B. methodology

C. method

D. methodologically

We expect______ this project before the end of the month.

(A) finish

(B) finishing

(C) to finish

(D) will finish

The government wants to accelerate the _____ of the internet commerce.

A. grow

B. grows

C. growing

D. growth

I always carry an extra keys _____ my coat pocket.

(A) For

(B) To

(C) On

(D) In

The closing of the factory had a bad_______on the local economy.

(A) effect

(B) affect

(C) deflect

(D) perfect

Her ______ with accounting procedures should be good for our office.

A. familiarity

B. familiar

C. familiarize

D. family

Your handwriting is so unclear that I can’t read this ______ you made.

A. notate

B. noticeable

C. notation

D. notable

She met with the ______ firm as soon as she finished her degree.

A. recruitment

B. recruits

C. recruited

D. recruit

The new line of the products is still in the ______ stage of development.

A. experimenter

B. experiment

C. experimentation

D. experimental

Sarah won the tennis competition last week, and they gave her a fifty-dollar gift certificate as her_______ .

(A) price

(B) prize

(C) pride

(D) pries

Several clients are visiting from out of town, and I asked_______to join us for dinner tonight.

(A) it

(B) him

(C) they

(D) them

I hear the government is going to ______ some peculiar dealing on Wall Street.

A. investigation

B. investigate

C. investigational

D. investigative

The board meeting was ______ due to members being out of the country.

A. postulated

B. posterior

C. postmarked

D. postponed

We are looking for a new office that is _____ than our current one.

(A) large

(B) largely

(C) larger

(D)l argest

All workers have the right to review the terms of their ______

A. employ

B. employment

C. employee

D. employed

You can’t spend all day trying to make up your mind; it’s better to be_______ .

(A) decide

(B) decision

(C) decisive

(D) decisively

Our company usually_______ a party for the entire staff at the end of the year.

(A) give

(B) gives

(C) have given

(D) were giving

If the lab tests result are not ______, there could be dangerous consequences.

A. expected

B. accurate

C. accute

D. expelled

One of the most important characteristics of a good manager is that she takes_______for her own mistakes.

(A) response

(B) responsible

(C) responsibly

(D) responsibility

________ the document carefully before you sign it.

(A) Read

(B) To read

(C) Reading

(D) Should read

Get_______the bus at Main Street and then walk two blocks north to our office.

A. In

B. Up

C. On

D. Off

Those snacks on the table_______for this afternoon’s staff meeting.

(A) is

(B) are

(C) has

(D) was

It’s so nice that your assistant is such a _____ person.

A. friend

B. friendliness

C. friendly

D. friendship

The office is closed today_______ it is a holiday.

(A) although

(B) because

(C) after

(D) but

If you walk _______ the lobby, you will see the elevators on the other side.

(A) through

(B) between

(C) under

(D) on


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