Jeanne’s _______ approach to all of her work is what makes her so valuable to us.

A. methodological

B. methodology

C. method

D. methodologically

The year was so ______ for the company that every employee received an additional 10% bonus.

A. professional

B. prolific

C. proactive

D. profitable

I hear the government is going to ______ some peculiar dealing on Wall Street.

A. investigation

B. investigate

C. investigational

D. investigative

The government wants to accelerate the _____ of the internet commerce.

A. grow

B. grows

C. growing

D. growth

All workers have the right to review the terms of their ______

A. employ

B. employment

C. employee

D. employed

Your handwriting is so unclear that I can’t read this ______ you made.

A. notate

B. noticeable

C. notation

D. notable

The board meeting was ______ due to members being out of the country.

A. postulated

B. posterior

C. postmarked

D. postponed

We would like to ______ that these houses are one-time only thing.

A. emphasize

B. emphatic

C. emphasizing

D. emphatically

The new line of the products is still in the ______ stage of development.

A. experimenter

B. experiment

C. experimentation

D. experimental

She met with the ______ firm as soon as she finished her degree.

A. recruitment

B. recruits

C. recruited

D. recruit


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