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____ industry professionals are allowed to purchase tickets to the Kuo Photography Fair.

A. Only

B. Until

C. Unless

D. Quite

Famous Bangkok-based architect Bill Bensley ______ his first international art auction to celebrate World Environment Day.

A. announce

B. announcement

C. has announced

D. was announced

Depending on your answers to the survey, we ____ you to collect additional information.

A. may call

B. are calling

C. have been called

D. must be calling

Information ____ the artwork in the lobby is available at the reception desk.

A. across

B. about

C. except

D. upon

To remain on schedule, editors must submit all ____ to the book to the authors by Friday.

A. ideas

B. essays

C. revisions

D. suggestions

With the Gema XTI binoculars, users can ____ see objects that are more than 100 meters away.

A. ease

B. easily

C. easy

D. easier

____ a year, Tarrin Industrial Supply audits the accounts of all of its factories.

A. Once

B. Immediately

C. Directly

D. Yet

After seven years of operation, this garden home setting in Bangkok’s Phrom Phong area ______ to close its doors.

A. decide

B. were decided

C. deciding

D. has decided

Mr. Brennel ____ positions in various areas of the company before he became president.

A. occupation

B. occupational

C. occupied

D. òccupying

Ms. Pham requested a refund ____ the coffeemaker she received was damaged.

A. despite

B. why

C. concerning

D. because

Ms. Durkin asked for volunteers to help ____ with the employee fitness program.

A. she

B. her

C. hers

D. herself

At Pharmbeck’s banquet, Mr. Jones ____ a trophy for his performance in this year’s quality-improvement initiative.

A. accepted

B. congratulated

C. nominated

D. hoped

There are no official _______ elaborating why public parks remain shut today despite the Prime Minister giving them the go-ahead to reopen.

A. announces

B. announcement

C. announced

D. announcements

One of Grommer Consulting’s goals is to enhance the relationship ____ salespeople and their customers.

A. inside

B. within

C. around

D. between

Lasner Electronics’ staff have extensive ____ of current hardware systems.

A. know

B. known

C. knowledge

D. knowledgeable

The Physical Therapy Association is committed to keeping costs ____ for its certification programs.

A. affordable

B. admitted

C. cutting

D. nescessary

Ms. Suto claims that important market trends become ____ with the use of data analysis.

A. predict

B. prediction

C. predictable

D. predictably

____ Jemburger opened its newest franchise, the first 100 customers were given free hamburgers.

A. Now

B. When

C. As if

D. After all

Over a decade after it first brought eggs Benedict and churros with decadent hot chocolate to brunch-starved Bangkok, Asoke’s Chu will be closing its doors for the _____ time.

A. first

B. final

C. precious

D. previous

These hotels are designed in their _______ way to deal with the needs of the overnight traveller.

A. extraordinary

B. no-frills

C. underrated

D. dysfunctional


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