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Too or Enough Quiz


It can conclude that uncle Hans will quit from his job when …

A. he has been rich enough

B. he is old enough

C. he has too much job

D. he has enough money

E. he is too exhausted

She is … to watch the film.

A. too young

B. young enough

C. so young

D. very

The tablet is … to fit inside your pocket

A. enough small

B. too big

C. small enough

D. too small

What make the food too expensive to buy?

A. The farmers use new technologies

B. The country has enough soil to plaint

C. the farmers lose their job because of new farming technologies

D. the country produces too much food for local people

E. The machinery and fertilizers are farmers to buy

She is … to make her own bed now

A. too old

B. old enough

C. enough old

D. very old

There were … many questions to answer so I ran out of time

A. Too

B. so

C. enough

D. very

I’m sorry. we can’ t have dinner because it is not … to eat

A. warm enough

B. too warm

C. enough warm

D. very warm

E. Too much

The room was …. so I turned the heating off

A. too hot

B. hot enough

C. enough hot

D. hot too

Why was. Uncle Hans too tired last week? Because …

A. he just could eat delivery service

B. he did not have enough money

C. he had a complicated life

D. he hated his manager

E. He had to make too many proposal

A :…to move the table

B : Okay. I’ lo help you move it.
A. I’m not weak enough

B. I’m not too strong

C. I’m too strong

D. I’m not strong enough

E. I’m strong enough


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