Transitional Words Quiz


Butterflies have brightly colored wings while a bee’s wings are transparent.

This piece of information shows:
A. a difference

B. a similarity

C. a random information.

Butterflies and bees are both insects that live all over the world. They both have 4 wings.

Is this information comparing or contrasting the two insects?
A. contrasting

B. comparing

C. neither

What are the two things the author is contrasting? 
Farmer Hicks had two horses. Softly was sweet, and Surly was ornery (grouchy). One day a stranger came to the farm, and the horses overheard Farmer Hicks talking about selling one of his animals. The two horses had to put their differences aside and work together to work against being separated. 
A. Farmer Hicks & The Stranger
B. Softly and Surly 
C. Farmer Hicks and Surly
D. Softly and The Stranger

What are the two things the author is comparing?
Yesterday morning, I was on my way to school and I felt very upset. My mom and I had just had the biggest fight. As the day went on, I got a call from my mom’s best friend and she told me my mom was feeling very melancholy, as well. I called her as soon as I got home and we talked for what seemed like hours.
A. The Mom’s Best Friend and The Mom
B. The Mom’s Best Friend and The Author
C. The Mom and The Author
D. The Morning and The Afternoon

We are at home_______ hours of the day.

A. the most

B. the least

C. more

D. less

____ English Institutes nor Schools are open during quaranine.

A. Both

B. Neither

C. Either

D. All

What’s and example of a Key Word that shows differences?
A. Although
B. As well as
C. Like
D. Handbag 

What is Contrasting?
A. to look at noticeable similarities between things
B. to look at the cause of something and find out the effect
C. to look at noticeable differences between things 
D. to look at the Atlantic Ocean 

Bees live in large groups called colonies, but butterflies often travel by themselves.

This information about the two insects shows me:
A. that bees are better than butterflies

B. a similarity

C. a difference

Virtual classes __________ as regular classes.

A. as good are

B. are not as good

C. isn’t as good

D. are different


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