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Transition Words Quiz


Oh, I hope I have enough money to buy lunch. ___________ I’ll have to eat this sardine and onion sandwich my mom made.

A. As a result,

B. Otherwise,

C. Consequently,

D. On the other hand,

I used to think Pokemon Go was the best game ever. _______I now think that Fortnite is the best.

A. By way of example,

B. For instance,

C. Therefore,

D. However,

I had forgotten I had a container of yogurt in the back of the fridge. ________________ it went moldy.

A. Instead,

B. Subsequently,

C. On the other hand,

D. Actually,

Jimi Hendrix’s show-closing performance at Woodstock was delayed by bad weather. _________ most of the audience had already gone home.

A. Thus,

B. As a result,

C. In the meantime,

D. Later,

He was an outstanding President. _______ he may have been the best President of them all.

A. However

B. In fact

C. Then

D. For instance

I have eighty-eight baseball cards in my collection.
____________ I also have seventy-three football cards.

A. For example,

B. In addition,

C. In other words,

D. Furthermore,

His presidency was brought down by scandal. ______________ he was a pretty good bowler.

A. On occasion,

B. For example,

C. On the bright side,

D. Then,

Las Vegas is usually warm and dry.
____________ Seattle is often cool and rainy.

A. In contrast,

B. Therefore,

C. In spite of,

D. For example,

She didn’t enjoy running the confidence course. ________ she always did her best.

A. For example,

B. However,

C. Instead,

D. Even so,

My English class lasts 75 minutes. ________________ my science class only lasts 55 minutes.

A. Otherwise,

B. Nevertheless,

C. Because of that,

D. In contrast,

Michael got into trouble in Mrs. Sanderson’s class. _________ he got into trouble in all of his classes.

A. On the other hand,

B. In spite of that,

C. As a matter of fact,

D. In other words,

My brother, Miguel, enjoys fishing with my dad. _____________ I prefer white-wing hunting.

A. Then,

B. Whereas,

C. Besides,

D. In any case,

He had hoped to be the next American Idol. _____________ he was not a very good singer.

A. Unfortunately,

B. Furthermore,

C. For instance,

D. Additionally,

Mr. Bing said he would pay me on Saturday or Sunday of this week. ________ I will have my money by the end of this weekend.

A. However,

B. Above all,

C. Afterwards,

D. Either way,

I like frogs. ________ I prefer soft, cuddly, stuffed-animal frogs to slimy, live, jumpy ones.

A. But,

B. In other words,

C. Being that,

D. Eventually,


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