Grammar Quiz

used to, be used to, get used to Quiz


When I started to work here I needed a lot of help, but now I _____________________ all the work on my own.

A. get used to doing

B. used to do

C. am used to doing

He __________ several books a month, but he doesn’t have time any more.

A. got used to reading

B. used to read

C. was used to reading

We were surprised to see her driving – she ________________ when we first met her.

A. didn’t use to drive

B. got used to driving

C. was used to driving

I’m not used to ____ up this early.

A. get

B. getting

C. gets

I’m afraid I’ll never ________________ in this place. I simply don’t like it and never will.

A. used to live

B. get used to living

C. got used to living

I like it now, but I ____.

A. didn’t use to

B. didn’t used to

C. didn’t using to

When I had to commute to work every day I …………………. very early.

A. used to get up

B. used to getting up

C. didn’t used to get up

I didn’t use to ____ it, but I do now.

A. like

B. liking

C. liked

I haven’t studied for ages and I’m finding it hard to get used to _____ every day.

A. studied

B. study

C. studying

I used to ____ hard when I was a student.

A. work

B. worked

C. working

I _____ to being spoken to like that!

A. used

B. am not used

C. don’t get used

Mr Lazy was shocked when he joined our busy company because he _______________ doing much work everyday.

A. didn’t use to

B. wasn’t used to

C. used to


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