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Used to & would & Past Simple Quiz


Fast and Furious ______ his favorite film when he was at highschool.

A. used to be

B. would be

C. were

D. would been

She was really upset when she ______ her boyfriend with another girl.

A. would see

B. saw

C. used to see

D. has seen

The mayor ______ the poor in town; however, he cannot help them anymore due to the financial crisis.

A. helped

B. was helping

C. had helped

D. used to help

As a child, I ______ in fairy tales. I thought all those princes, princesses, beasts and withces were real.

A. would believe

B. wouldn’t believe

C. never believed

D. used to believe

My parents and I ______ at this hotel many times before.

A. would stay

B. would stayed

C. stayed

D. used to stay

I ______ a car before I came to Eskişehir.

A. have

B. would have

C. have had

D. used to have

I ______ about the world when I was younger. Being a child was so easy.

A. wasn’t worrying

B. never used to worry

C. did never used to

D. hadn’t worried

He grew up in a rich family. His father ______ him to school every day with his Bentley.

A. would drive

B. has driven

C. had driven

D. drives

Where ______ you ______ before this company?

A. would / working

B. do / work

C. did / use to work

D. did / used to work

After the mid-term, our teacher ______ detailed feedback to all of us.

A. given

B. gave

C. would give

D. used to give


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