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As a person of dignity, I would rather _____ to death than steal.

A. starve

B. starving

C. to starving

D. to starve

I ______ the weather in Taiwan, so I think I’ll stay here for another year.

A. am used to

B. used to

C. used to be

D. am used to like

It is not worth ______ your family time to get promoted at work.

A. sacrifice

B. to sacrifice

C. being sacrificed

D. sacrificing

They would rather _____ about the matter anymore

A. not to talk

B. not talking

C. not talk

D. not talked

I make _____ a rule to side with the weaker party.

A. that

B. it

C. this

D. one

_____ is no denying that hard work leads to success.

A. Here

B. That

C. It

D. There

The students ______ up the classroom after they made a mess.

A. were asked cleaning

B. were let clean

C. made to clean

D. were made to clean

In the USA, people prefer waiting for a table _____ with people they don’t know.

A. to sit

B. to sitting

C. rather than sit

D. instead of sitting

There are no easy solutions to the problem, _____ solutions that are agreeable to all parties.

A. to begin with

B. not to mention

C. strange to say

D. to sum up

The old man often forgets ______ the same stories to his grandson and kept repeating them.

A. telling

B. to tell

C. from telling

D. that tells

He regretted _____ his house at such a low price. It would have been worth more.

A. sold

B. selling

C. to sell

D. to have sold

The old man is so poor that he has no house ______ in.

A. lived

B. living

C. to live

D. for live

They had a hard time _____ the patients back to life.

A. bring

B. to bring

C. bringing

D. to bringing

There is no use _____ about one’s lost youth.

A. of thinking

B. think

C. thinking

D. to think

He spoke English _____ quickly for me to follow.

A. such

B. so

C. too

D. as

The heavy rain kept him ______ here on time.

A. come

B. to come

C. for coming

D. from coming

The only thing you should do is _____ the medicine that the doctor gave you.

A. to taking

B. taking

C. take

D. have taken

He _____ wash his clothes by hand because his washing machine was out of order.

A. had no choice but

B. couldn’t help

C. couldn’t choose but to

D. couldn’t help but

Those who are desperate may commit the crime because they have nothing _____.

A. to lost

B. to be lost

C. to lose

D. losing

I felt so cold that I could not help _____ when I talked to him.

A. shake

B. being shaken

C. to shake

D. shaking


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