Grammar Quiz

Verbs Quiz


It _______ a great party.

A. Were

B. am

C. are

D. was

They _____________ the teacher’s question.

A. were

B. called

C. answered

D. could

She _______ to visit my sister last week.

A. Come

B. Came

C. Camed

D. Coming

They _______ worry.

A. Feels

B. Feeling

C. Felt

D. Feeled

She ______ jealous.

A. Get

B. Got

C. Gotted

D. Gotten

We ___________ at Diana’s house.

A. Were

B. Was

C. am

D. is

He ______ to work by train last week.

A. Go

B. Going

C. Goed

D. Went

He ______ his parent’s for their anniversary.

A. call

B. called

C. answer

D. answered

I _________ a good job yesterday.

A. Do

B. Did

C. Does

D. Done

My brother _________ me an amazing present.

A. Give

B. Given

C. Gave

D. Gived

I ________ walk for a long time.

A. Could

B. Walked

C. Canned

D. Was


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