Grammar Quiz

Verbs + Gerund or Infinitive Quiz


Maggie decided _______ with us.

A. coming

B. come

C. to come

I hope _____ able to finish it on time.

A. being

B. be

C. to be

I feel like ________ to another country.

A. moving

B. move

C. to move

Eddie always avoided ________ meat.

A. eat

B. eating

C. to eat

When I finished ________ the book, I started watching the movie.

A. read

B. reading

C. to read

What do they expect _____ in New York?

A. doing

B. do

C. to do

I miss __________ with my friends.

A. travel

B. traveling

C. to travel

They can’t afford _____ a new car this year.

A. buying

B. buy

C. to buy

She doesn’t mind _______ .

A. to wait

B. waiting

C. wait

I really enjoyed _______ time with him on my vacation.

A. spend

B. spending

C. to spend

They have offered ________us with the project.

A. help

B. helping

C. to help

Where do they want ________ next summer?

A. to go

B. go

C. going


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