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Verbs of movement Quiz


If you __________ some salt, throw some of it over your shoulder to make sure you don’t have bad luck.

A. spill

B. drop

C. break

D. pick

Never __________ under a ladder, or somebody will have an accident.

A. walk

B. touch

C. put

D. meet

Before an exam or other important event, __________ your fingers for good luck.

A. pick

B. cross

C. scratch

D. touch

________ a four-leaf clover and you’ll have love, health, money and fame!

A. Walk

B. Touch

C. Scratch

D. Pick

Don’t __________ your shoes on the table, you’ll have bad luck for the rest of the day.

A. drop

B. put

C. spill

D. carry

Don’t __________ your nose, or you’ll have an argument with someone.

A. touch

B. break

C. pick

D. scratch

Expect something good to happen if you __________ a glass and it breaks.

A. break

B. drop

C. spill

D. touch

Try to __________ a black cat, because it’s lucky. But be careful – it’s unlucky if it walks in front of you!

A. cross

B. walk

C. meet

D. carry

To make sure that something you say with confidence won’t bring you bad luck, __________ something made of wood as you say it.

A. touch

B. drop

C. knock

D. break

But don’t __________ a mirror, or you’ll have bad luck for seven years.

A. scratch

B. break

C. put

D. cross

________ a lucky charm with you to make sure you always have good luck!

A. Open

B. Touch

C. Meet

D. Carry

And never __________ an umbrella indoors. It’s unlucky.

A. carry

B. put

C. drop

D. open


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