Grammar Quiz

Verbs of movement Quiz


Don’t __________ your nose, or you’ll have an argument with someone.

A. touch

B. break

C. pick

D. scratch

If you __________ some salt, throw some of it over your shoulder to make sure you don’t have bad luck.

A. spill

B. drop

C. break

D. pick

To make sure that something you say with confidence won’t bring you bad luck, __________ something made of wood as you say it.

A. touch

B. drop

C. knock

D. break

And never __________ an umbrella indoors. It’s unlucky.

A. carry

B. put

C. drop

D. open

Before an exam or other important event, __________ your fingers for good luck.

A. pick

B. cross

C. scratch

D. touch

Try to __________ a black cat, because it’s lucky. But be careful – it’s unlucky if it walks in front of you!

A. cross

B. walk

C. meet

D. carry

Never __________ under a ladder, or somebody will have an accident.

A. walk

B. touch

C. put

D. meet

Expect something good to happen if you __________ a glass and it breaks.

A. break

B. drop

C. spill

D. touch

________ a four-leaf clover and you’ll have love, health, money and fame!

A. Walk

B. Touch

C. Scratch

D. Pick

________ a lucky charm with you to make sure you always have good luck!

A. Open

B. Touch

C. Meet

D. Carry

Don’t __________ your shoes on the table, you’ll have bad luck for the rest of the day.

A. drop

B. put

C. spill

D. carry

But don’t __________ a mirror, or you’ll have bad luck for seven years.

A. scratch

B. break

C. put

D. cross


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