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Verb Tenses Quiz


Joey always ___ sandwiches for breakfast.

A. eat

B. eats

C. ate

D. will eat

Check the sentence which means the same as this:

This is the first time I’ve been skiing.

A. I’ve been skiing once before.

B. I haven’t been skiing for a long time.

C. I’ve never been skiing before.

Which sentence uses the future continuous tense correctly?

A. They will be eating dinner at 7 PM tomorrow.

B. They are eating dinner at 7 PM tomorrow.

C. They are being eating dinner at 7 PM tomorrow.

D. They ate dinner at 7 PM tomorrow.

Which verb tense is used to describe an action that happened before another action in the past?

A. Past perfect tense

B. Past continuous tense

C. Present perfect tense

D. Future perfect tense

Which verb tense is used to describe an action that is happening now?

A. Present tense

B. Conditional tense

C. Past tense

D. Future tense

It _________ raining right now. It is actually quite sunny.

A. aren’t raining

B. doesn’t rain

C. isn’t raining

D. didn’t rain

The player______________ (score) the goal while the referee _________(look) the other way

A. scored, was looking

B. scoring, was looking

C. was scoring, looked

D. scored, were looking

Our relatives ___ us last week.

A. visit

B. visits

C. visited

D. will visit

Check the sentence that is correct.

A. I’ve known her for 2 years.

B. I’ve been knowing her for 2 years.

We _____________ TV when you called us.

A. are watching

B. was watching

C. were watching

D. is watching

The world famous Company of Knights ………….. a breathtaking horseback show from Wednesday to Saturday at 7.30 pm.

A. is performing

B. performs

C. was performed

D. performing

We _______________ lunch in the cafeteria every day. 

A. are eating 

B. eats

C. eat

While James………Ann phoned.

A. ate

B. is eating

C. was eat

D. was eating

We______(go) to see if Harry was OK when he_______ (hurt) his leg.

A. went, was hurting

B. went, hurted

C. were going, hurted

D. was going, hurted

Which tense means already happened?

A. present

B. past

C. future

D. all of the above

Catherine wants to work in Italy, so she ____________ Italian.

A. learns

B. is learning

C. are learning

D. learn

Identify the verb tense: I read a book last night.

A. Simple present

B. Present continuous

C. Simple past

D. Simple future

He is studying erosion in science class.

A. Past

B. Present

C. Future

Dad ___ Bukit Timah hill next Sunday with his friends.

A. climb

B. climbs

C. climbed

D. will climb

Choose the correct past tense form of the verb: She ________ (sing) a song at the concert last night.

A. sang

B. sangged

C. sung

D. singed

You are working really hard!

A. Past

B. Present

C. Future

Is this sentence correct?

Last year we visited Australia.

A. correct

B. incorrect

Who was that nice girl you talked / were talking to when I walked / was walking by the pub?

A. talked/walked

B. talked/was walking

C. were talking/walked

D. were talking/was walking

The solar eclipse only …… when there is a new moon.

A. took

B. takes

C. taking

D. has taken

Identify the verb tense: I did not go to a English lesson

A. Simple present

B. Simple Past

C. Present continuous

D. Simple future


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