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I ___ to a match for ages. Maybe I’ll go to one at the weekend.

A. have been

B. haven’t been

C. haven’t gone

D. have gone

The player’s injury means he can’t ____ his knee.

A. breathe

B. inhale

C. push

D. bend

Mum never buys any new outfits.’

‘I know. She __ the same clothes for years.’

A. wears

B. wore

C. has been wearing

D. had been wearing

The coach chose the most ____ players for the school team.

A. professional

B. promising

C. efficient

D. loyal

Kate didn’t want to buy the coat because it wasn’t ____.

A. in debt

B. in cash

C. in fashion

D. on credit

Judy won’t let her son play ___ because she says it’s a dangerous game.

A. boxing

B. badminton

C. wrestling

D. rugby

‘How long have you been playing football?’

‘____ I started school.’

A. Until

B. Since

C. When

D. Recently

Few children play tennis because the high price of lessons ___ a lot of parents.

A. puts off

B. pulls off

C. shuts off

D. takes off

As soon as the race started, the Jamaican ___ first position.

A. has taken

B. took

C. had taken

D. has been taking

You don’t need a new mobile; you ___ a new one last year!

A. bought

B. have bought

C. have been buying

D. had bought

Before they opened the shop, they painted it and ____ a new sign.

A. put away

B. put up

C. passed up

D. put on

By the time they got home, the girls ____ all their money.

A. had been spending

B. had spent

C. spent

D. have spent

When the first horse rider entered the ___, the crowd became quiet.

A. rink

B. arena

C. ring

D. court

‘Grandma loves watching international tennis.’

‘Yes, she has ___ missed a match.’

A. ever

B. never

C. already

D. yet

I’m smiling because I ____ an amazing bargain!

A. have just found

B. just have found

C. had been finding

D. had found

The summer sales are a great opportunity for___.

A. window shopping

B. flea markets

C. bargain hunters

D. market stalls


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