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A sense of obligation toward something is…

A. version

B. commitment

C. democracy

D. legislation

very happy and excited

A. dosage

B. buoyancy

C. exuberant

D. transgressions

__________ the difficulty, they managed to solve the math problem.

A. Although

B. Even though

C. Despite

We’ve never seen such a rapid increase in deaths. It’s ________.

A. unprecedented

B. unknown

C. prime

D. proficient

With her strange clothes and bright green hair, Kelly is always the ___________ of attention.

A. trendy

B. comfortable

C. centre

D. flow

E. appearance

do you know who’s……. his pottery workshop?

A. bringing out

B. taking over

C. passing down

D. turning down

Janet loves animals and wants to be a _________ when she grows up.

A. vegetation

B. veterinarian

C. veteran

D. vegetable


A. fame, glory

B. something wonderful or marvelous

C. charming

D. a short club

A special right or benefit held by a certain group of people is…

A. privilege

B. commitment

C. version

D. compromise

What does the word “essential” mean?

A. important

B. useless

C. crazy

D. oily

Your ________ on improving our service are welcomed.

A. marks

B. receipts

C. drawings

D. suggestions

to give in

A. indulge

B. exuberant

C. transgressions

D. buoyancy

to bring to an end, finish, or complete

A. confuse

B. column

C. conclude

skillful in the use of hands or body; clever

A. devise

B. scoff

C. personable

D. dexterous

an area of land

A. take place

B. lock

C. grab

D. ground

in a situation where you are meeting and talking to another person directly

A. hide and seek

B. freak out

C. cage

D. face to face

noun- a boat made to skim the surface of the water. verb- to slide uncontrollably on the wet surface of a road

A. hydroplane

B. hydrogen

C. hydrangea

D. hydraulic

2. She …………. dinner for us last weekend.

A. Cooked

B. Cooks

C. Cook

Reliance on reason as the basis for establishment of religious truth.
A. Rationalism
B. Perspective
C. Humanism

What is a fossil known to have lived in a particular geologic age that can be used to date the rock layer in which it is found?

A. hypothesis

B. index fossil

C. jellyfish fossil

D. hippopotamus fossil

We study different ______ in English, such as linguistics, phonetics, and semantics.

A. classics

B. domains

C. assignments

D. documents

They are healthy. They do morning ______ every day.

A. exercise

B. lesson

C. period

D. school

Surreptitious means Secret

A. Verb

B. Adjective

C. Noun

Mr. Gorelick ___ when students have questions but don’t ask them.
A. Abhors
B. Adjourn
C. Apprehend
D. Banal

People ________ that English is an important language to learn.

A. acknowledge

B. admire

C. desire

D. prefer


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