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The Russians offered Edward Snowden ___ after he was accused of breaking U.S. laws.
A. Asylum
B. Ambivalent
C. Authentic
D. Boorish

Protestant whose views and opinions differed from those of the Church of England
A. Dissenter 
B. Oligarchy
C. Balance of power 

frantically – Behind the trees clouds scudded frantically across the sky.

A. expressing extreme displeasure

B. in an uncontrolled manner

C. gray and dark

D. a feeling of intense anger


A. to warm by rubbing

B. air, manner, appearance

C. a person who leads a life shut up or withdrawn from the world

D. to advance beyond the usual or proper limits

Which of the world’s major religions REJECT the principle of treating all other people as well as you deserve to be treated?
A. None of them reject this principal.
B. Hinduism & Buddhism
C. Islam & Christianity

Formal changes made according to official procedures are…

A. amendments

B. versions

C. democracies

D. `privileges

5. He ………….. drive a car to work.

A. don’t

B. doesn’t

C. didn’t

I eat pasta ______ week.

A. twice in a

B. twice a

C. one time a

D. once in a


A. cumbersome

B. circumspect

C. commandeer

The risk of muscles ___ over time is higher for people on bed rest, because they aren’t moving.
A. Atrophying
B. Anathema
C. Badger
D. Anomaly


A. fame, glory

B. something wonderful or marvelous

C. charming

D. a short club

Lacking the requisite qualities or resources to meet a task

A. Inadequate

B. Emblem

C. Precision

D. Exasperated

Performed with little or no delay

A. Transgression

B. Indolence

C. Meticulous

D. Prompt

a long, thin and strong thread to catch a fish

A. fish catcher

B. fishing hook

C. fishing line

The ballet dancer moved with cat-like ___ through all of Swan Lake’s complicated choreography.
A. Agility
B. Agenda
C. Astute
D. Baffle

The _______________ is the solid, outer layer of the earth that consists of the crust and the rigid upper part of the mantle.

A. Mantle

B. Stratus

C. Lithosphere

D. Core

Mr. Gorelick ___ when students have questions but don’t ask them.
A. Abhors
B. Adjourn
C. Apprehend
D. Banal

indignant – “You peeked!” Charles cried indignantly. “We’re saving that for Mother’s birthday and you can’t have any!”

A. easily managed

B. causing or marked by grief or anguish

C. angered at something unjust or wrong

D. affected with or marked by mania uncontrolled by reason

know you don’t like wearing a school uniform, but isn’t it easier to just go with the ___________ instead of complaining all the time?

A. trendy

B. comfortable

C. centre

D. flow

E. appearance

to tell someone that you are sorry for doing something wrong or for causing a problem

A. scream

B. apologize

C. lock

D. bucket

Rebirth of the soul in a new body
A. Reincarnation
B. Moksha
C. Nirvana


A. to furnish, equip, provide with funds

B. in a turned or twisted position

C. a person who leads a life shut up or withdrawn

D. to ward off, resist

Choose the wrong option:

The people ………….. come out carefully and with a mask.

A. Will

B. Probably

C. Have

noun- a record of muscle activity completed by or within the heart; EKG or ECG

A. grammar

B. cardiogram

C. cryptogram

D. program

During contract negotiations, the players and team owners had the commissioner ___ the fight.
A. Arbitrate
B. Ambience
C. Augur
D. Affectation


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