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The belief that a ruler’s authority comes directly from God  
A. Divine Right
B. Cabinet  
C. Czar (Tsar)

A state of endless joy, no suffering, release of soul from cycle of rebirth.
A. Nirvana
B. Dharma
C. Karma

An artistic technique used to give paintings and drawings a three-dimensional effect.
A. Perspective
B. Bourgeoisie
C. Vernacular

18th century system in which tasks were distributed to individuals to complete in their own homes.
A. The Putting-out system
B. Piece Work Arrangement
C. Sweat Shop Industry

Reliance on reason as the basis for establishment of religious truth.
A. Rationalism
B. Perspective
C. Humanism

The mercantilist policy used designed to protect local industries from foreign competition.
A. Tariffs
B. Free Trade Agreements
C. Balance of Trade

The study of subjects such as grammar, rhetoric, poetry and history, that were taught in ancient Greece and Rome.
A. Humanities
B. Secular
C. Dogmatism

Cause of good & bad in your life based on previous actions
A. Karma
B. Moksha
C. Reincarnation

An intellectual movement that focused on education and the classics.
A. Humanism
B. Vernacular
C. Rationalism

Members of the middle class.
A. Bourgeoisie
B. Dogmatism
C. Inquiry

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