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Vocabulary and Tenses Quiz


my father always reads … every morning

A. radio

B. newspaper

this exercise was too … for me . I got score 100

A. difficult

B. easy

Grant is a tailor. he makes

A. clothes

B. bag

they … for an hour before the doctor came

A. had been waiting

B. waited

My father is so tired since he…. our garden all day for planting vegetables.

A. has prepared

B. has been preparing

he … the community college this night

A. wouldn’t be attending

B. won’t be attending

my brother … English course for six months by the end of this year

A. will have been taking

B. will have taken

who … towards the post office?

A. is walking

B. walks

we sometimes… by chance in the convenience store

A. meets

B. meet

at this time yesterday reni and I …. our classmate

A. were paying a call

B. are paying a call

never… such a funny joke

A. had I heard

B. I had heard

it … sunny tomorrow

A. will

B. will be

I had slept when you ….last night

A. call

B. called

….. scholarship application ?

A. have you completed

B. have you complete

the class … the documentary film next monday

A. will have watched

B. would have watched


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