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_____ is generally used in the government, public administration, law and the education system.

A. Body language

B. Second language

C. Official language

D. Sign language

_____ is a regional form of a language in which some words and grammar differ slightly from the standard form of the same language.

A. Dialect

B. Accent

C. Tone

D. Intonation

Peter can just get ______ in German.

A. up

B. down

C. out

D. by

Is English a(n) ______ language in your country?

A. mother

B. official

C. living

D. old

_____ is the language that you learn to speak from birth.

A. dialect

B. official language

C. first language

D. second language

____ a language means learning a language by practising it, rather than by learning it in a class.

A. Picking up

B. Getting by in

C. Looking up

D. Searching for

Teachers provide a model for children to _____.

A. allow

B. behave

C. change

D. imitate

He spoke a _____ of French that we found hard to understand.

A. slang

B. jargon

C. dialect

D. language

My French is a bit _____. I haven’t used it in a while.

A. fluent

B. rusty

C. flexbile

D. bilingual

English learners can learn how to speak English accent by _____ native speakers.

A. guessing

B. looking up

C. imitating

D. translating

_____ is the language you learn to soeak well and that you use for work or at school, but that is not the language you learned first at home.

A. second language

B. first language

C. sign language

D. offical language

_____ is a way of pronouncing the words of a language that shows which country or area a person comes from

A. Dialect

B. Mother tongue

C. Accent

D. Tone

I can have a conversation in Italian, but I’m a _____ rusty.

A. bit

B. lot

C. very

D. too

Louis is vitually bilingual _____ Dutch and German.

A. on

B. in

C. for

D. with

If someone is _____, he/she is able to speak two languages equally well because he/she learned them as a child.

A. fluent

B. rusty

C. bilingual

D. flexible

Sound symbolism means that we often _____ the meaning of a word from its sound.

A. guess

B. judge

C. imagine

D. expect

Computers offer a much greater degree of _____ in the way work can be organized.

A. flexible

B. flexibility

C. flexibly

D. inflexibe

She spoke English with a(n)_____ that I couldn’t understand.

A. accent

B. stress

C. intonation

D. tone

Getting _____ a language means to know just enough of a language for simple communication.

A. on with

B. by in

C. by

D. along with


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