Grammar Quiz

Wh Questions Quiz


Where does the chef work?

A. In the hospital

B. In the library

C. In the Restaurant

D. In the fire station

________________ are you late? Because of the traffic.

A. which

B. whose

C. Why

D. How

When’s New Year?

A. 24/12

B. 22/12

C. 8/3

D. 1/1

________ are you today?

A. Who

B. What

C. How

D. Why

Next year, my family ___________ banh chung.

A. will cook

B. will cooking

C. won’t cooks

D. is going cook

At Tet, people go to ….. to pray for health, luck and happiness

A. pagodas

B. schools

C. churches

D. factories

When do you eat pizza?

A. In a restaurant

B. Because it’s delicious.

C. on Sundays at 9:00 pm

D. pizza

The opposite of “safe” is…

A. dangerous

B. full

C. lively

D. noisy

___________ is your brother? He is still sick.

A. Why

B. What

C. Where

D. How

You can see a lot of old things at a

A. Fitness Center

B. Museum

C. Supermarket

I always ________ for a long and happy life for my parents.

A. make

B. wish

C. celebrate

D. have

___________ are you so happy? I’m getting married!

A. When

B. How

C. What

D. Why

Where do you eat pizza?

A. In a restaurant

B. Because it’s delicious.

C. on Sundays at 9:00 pm

D. pizza

Why are you playing quizizz?

A. Because it is great

B. I am not using a phone

C. At the beach

D. No

_________________ people are in your family?

A. Who

B. How much

C. How many

D. What

_________________ is Cristiano Ronaldo from?

A. How

B. Where

C. When

D. Why

You can see a soccer game at a …………

A. Movie theater

B. Park

C. Stadium

____________ sport uses this equipment?

A. When

B. Who

C. Where

D. Which

Where does Bill play football?

A. In a sport centre.

B. Because it’s fun.

C. On Fridays at 3:30pm

D. It’s football

_____________ do you go to school? – By bus.

A. How

B. Whose

C. Where

D. Who

___ is your favourite animal?

A. What

B. When

C. Where

D. Whose

How is your English class?

A. It is fantastic

B. It is at half past ten

C. It is on Monday

D. My teacher is the best

Would your sister like _________ to the party?

A. to go

B. going

C. go

D. goes

_________ homework do you usually have after each class every day?

A. How many

B. Is there

C. Are there

D. How much

Where does the fireman work?

A. At school

B. At church

C. In the firestation

D. In the restaurant


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