Grammar Quiz

Will and Will not Quiz


Don’t worry. She is a good teacher so the Exam ______________________ difficult

A. won’t play

B. won’t study

C. won’t be

D. won’t listen

Oh no! It’s 11:00. I ____________________ late at school

A. will be

B. won’t be

C. will bring

D. will have

Take your umbrella, or you. . .get wet.

A. Will

B. Won’t

Our teacher is ill, so she. . . be at school next week.

A. Will

B. Won’t

Please, promise me that you ________________ anyone my secret. It’s very important

A. won’t tell

B. will tell

C. will say

D. won’t say

Maths is really difficult. I hope the teacher _______________________ it again.

A. won’t help

B. will draw

C. will see

D. will explain

He will be an athlete in the future and he ________________________ very fast

A. will jump

B. will play

C. will run

D. will swim

Put on your coat or you. . . catch a cold.

A. Will

B. Won’t

After Corona virus done, I _______________________ my friends

A. will watch

B. will buy

C. will eat

D. will see

This Saturday It’s my Birthday so my mum __________________ a cake

A. will be

B. will make

C. won’t be

D. will clean

We haven’t got any money, so we. . .go on holiday this year.

A. Will

B. Won’t

Ann : It’s very cold here!

Josh : If you are cold I _________________________ the window

A. will open

B. will break

C. will paint

D. will close

Your English is very good. I’m sure you. . .pass the English test.

A. Will

B. Won’t

Nick. . .pass his French test. He does’t work hard enough.

A. Will

B. Won’t

I’m very busy. This afternoon I ____________________ my English homework

A. will observe

B. will search

C. will do

D. will walk


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