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Will & Be going to Quiz


A: There is no meet in our regridgerator.

B: I know. I…………………………….(get) some from the shop.

A. will get

B. will gets

C. am going to get

D. am going to gets

A: You face is pale, baby.

B: Really? Okay, I ………………(make up) now.

A. am going to make up

B. will make up

C. won’t make up

D. am going to made up

Look at the dark clouds! It __________ rain.

A. will

B. is going to

Apaporn and Supaporn have already planned her life. They…………(be) English teacher for 30 years.

A. is going to be

B. are going to be

C. will be

D. will been

I________________ for my exam on Sunday afternoon.

A. am going to revise

B. will revise

My younger sister looks confident today.

I think she……(win) the singing contest.

A. will win

B. is going to win

C. will won

D. are going to win

I haven’t got any money. I _________ to the concert next Saturday.

A. won’t go

B. will go

C. am going

D. am not going

Be careful ! You ______________ fall !

A. are going to

B. will

You ____________ someday

A. will get married

B. are going to get married

Can I speak to Tom? Yes, I………..him through. (get)

A. will get

B. am going to get

C. is going to get

D. going to get

I bought some paint because I …………….. my apartment.

A. will paint

B. am going to paint

The COVID-19 situation in Thailand……………..(probably / countinue) for many months.

A. is going to probably continue

B. is probably going to continue

C. will probable continue

D. will probably continuous

I have a plan to go out for dinnerwith my boyfriend tonight.

I…………….(wear) the most beautiful dress I have.

A. will wear

B. will going to wear

C. am going to wear

D. am going to where

My parents…………….(gladly support) me for what I love to do.

A. are going to gladly support

B. will gladly support

C. won’t gladly support

D. is going to gladly support

I haven’t made any plans for Easter. I____________ at home.

A. am going to stay

B. will probably stay

A : Did you buy bread?
B : Oh, no! I forgot to buy it. I……… go back to buy some.

A. will

B. am going to

C. am

D. was

A : Where are you going?
B : I…….do shopping

A. should

B. will

C. then

D. am going to

A: That project looks really difficult. I………….(help) you do it.

B: That’s very kind of you.

A. am going to help

B. will helps

C. will help

D. be going to help

A: ___________ help me with this heavy box?
B: Sure, my pleasure.

A. Are you going to

B. Will you going to

C. WIll you

D. Do you

A: Why is Nadia carrying a hammer?

B: She………………(put up) some pictures.

A. is going to put up

B. does going to put up

C. will put up

D. won’t put up

I promise, I _________ help you study.

A. am going to

B. will

-You have to decide, do you want to play Wii or Playstation?

-Hmmm I think ___________ play Wii.

A. am going to

B. will

A : Coffee or tea?
B : I ……..have coffee please.

A. am going to

B. will

C. drink

D. does

Just a moment. I (help) you with the bags.

A. am going help

B. are going to help

C. am going to help

D. will help

John (be) 16 next Monday.

A. is going be

B. will be

C. are going to be

D. is going to be


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