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Will, Be going to, Present Continuous Quiz


I’m sorry I made you so angry. I promise I … it again.

A. won’t do

B. ‘m not going to do

C. ‘m not doing

D. don’t do

There is someone at the front door…it?

A. Are you going to get

B. Will you get

C. Are you getting

D. Will you getting

They _____________to New York tomorrow morning. We have already bought tickets.

A. are driving

B. will drive

C. are going to drive

A: Where are you going? B:I … something for dinner.

A. ‘m going to buy

B. ‘ll buy

C. ‘m buying

D. buy

Jamie and Will …house tomorrow.

A. are moving

B. are going to move

C. will move

D. will be moved

… doing that, please? I’m trying to concentrate.

A. Are you going to stop

B. Will you stop

C. Are you stopping

D. Do you stop

Are you moving house on Saturday? I…if you like.

A. will help

B. helping

C. am going to

D. am helping

Next Friday night, I ________________ online games with my friends again.

A. ‘m going to play

B. will play

C. ‘m playing

I am sorry I can’t come. I …this evening.

A. is working

B. will work

C. am working

D. am going to working


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