Will or Going to Quiz


I haven’t got my wallet! No problems, ______ you some money.

A. I’ll lend

B. I’m going to lend

You ______ that movie, it’s too dramatic. Let’s choose another one!

A. won’t like

B. are not going to like

Don’t forget that we ______ with your friends tonight.

A. are going out

B. will go out

What a wonderful new! Alana is pregnant. ______ a beautiful baby.

A. She’s going to have

B. She’ll have

Susy’s starting college next month. ______ biology.

A. She’ll study

B. She’s going to study

I believe ______ the new restaurant. It was very well rated by the media.

A. you’ll like

B. you’re going to like

It’s my mother’s birthday next saturday, so ______ her a gift.

A. we’ll buy

B. we’re going to buy

I think Peter ______ the gift you got for him. It’s perfect!

A. is going to like

B. will like

Look the sky, it’s so dark! I’m sure ______.

A. It’s going to rain

B. It’ll rain

Will you lend me US$10? I promisse ______ it back to you next week.

A. I’ll give

B. I’m going to give

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