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Will or Going to Quiz


It’s my mother’s birthday next saturday, so ______ her a gift.

A. we’ll buy

B. we’re going to buy

A : Why did you buy this flour?

B : I………. make some bread.

A. will

B. am going to

C. Would

D. are going to

Oh! Look at the sky. It_____________ be a beautiful day!

A. will

B. is going to

We don’t want to cook so we _________________ the delivery app on my phone to order something to eat.

A. will use

B. is going to be

C. is going to have

D. will live

Look the sky, it’s so dark! I’m sure ______.

A. It’s going to rain

B. It’ll rain

A : Coffee or tea?

B : I ……..have coffee please.

A. am going to

B. will

C. drink

D. does

A : Could someone open the window?

B : I ……… do it.

A : Thanks

a. am going to

b. will

c. are going to

d. is going to

A: What would you like to drink?

B: I ______________have a smoothie, please.
A. will

B. am going to

Choose the correct sentence that match the image
A.     He’s going to get wet
B.     He’s not going to get wet

Choose the correct sentence that match the image
A.     He’s going to walk
B.     It’s not going to rain
C.     I’m going to rain
D.     It’s going to rain

Susy’s starting college next month. ______ biology.

A. She’ll study

B. She’s going to study

I haven’t got my wallet! No problems, ______ you some money.

A. I’ll lend

B. I’m going to lend

A: I don’t know how to use the washing machine.

B: It’s easy. ____________________you. (I / show)

A. I’ll show

B. I’m going to show

Will you lend me US$10? I promisse ______ it back to you next week.

A. I’ll give

B. I’m going to give

(A)… you going to see the movie?
(B) Yes, I ….
A. Do / am
B. Are / are
C. Are / am

Mom, you look so tired. I ___________ cook something for you!

A. will

B. am going to

Smartphones _______________ very inexpensive.

A. are going to become

B. will to be

C. is going to have

D. will think

You have decided to sell your car. You tell a friend of yours.

You say: I don’t need my car any more. it. __________ (I/sell)
A. I’ll sell it.

B. I’m going to sell

You have been going to sleep at 2 AM all week! Do you think you ___________ to bed early tonight? You definitely should!

A. will go

B. are going to sleep

C. will be

D. are going to call

Look! That car

A. will crash if it doesn’t stop!

B. is going to crash if it doesn’t stop!

C. is crashing if it doesn’t stop!

You ______ that movie, it’s too dramatic. Let’s choose another one!

A. won’t like

B. are not going to like

We _______________ free Wi-Fi everywhere in the next few years.

A. are going to have

B. is going to be

C. will be

D. will have

I believe ______ the new restaurant. It was very well rated by the media.

A. you’ll like

B. you’re going to like

______ a party tomorrow. It’s all planned, I already invited all my friends.

A. We’re are going to have

B. We’ll have

I’m bored. I think I _______________ a movie on Netflix.

A. will watch

B. am going to call

C. going to be

D. will change


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