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Will or Going to Quiz


Choose the correct sentence that match the image
A.     He’s going to walk
B.     He going to swim
C.     He’s not going to drive
D.     He’s going to fly

Look the sky, it’s so dark! I’m sure ______.

A. It’s going to rain

B. It’ll rain

I think Peter ______ the gift you got for him. It’s perfect!

A. is going to like

B. will like

What are your plans for the weekend? I ______ travel to Mexico City.

A. am going to

B. will

C. is going to

D. am go

Sorry but I can’t accompany you on the trip. ______ away for three weeks.

A. I’m going to be

B. I’ll be

I love working with computers. One day, I ______________________ a career in technology.

A. am will have

B. will have

C. going to have

D. will to have

You have been going to sleep at 2 AM all week! Do you think you ___________ to bed early tonight? You definitely should!

A. will go

B. are going to sleep

C. will be

D. are going to call

You ______ that movie, it’s too dramatic. Let’s choose another one!

A. won’t like

B. are not going to like

Look! That car

A. will crash if it doesn’t stop!

B. is going to crash if it doesn’t stop!

C. is crashing if it doesn’t stop!

A: What would you like to drink?

B: I ______________have a smoothie, please.
A. will

B. am going to

Don’t forget that we ______ with your friends tonight.

A. are going out

B. will go out

A: I’ve decided to paint this room.

B: That’s nice. What colour___________________ it? (you / paint)

A. will you paint

B. are you going to paint

Are you watching the game? Its 10-5, ______ the match!

A. they’ll win

B. they’re going to win

We _______________ free Wi-Fi everywhere in the next few years.

A. are going to have

B. is going to be

C. will be

D. will have

It’s hot. I_________ get you a drink.

A. will

B. am going to

C. will be

D. is

What a wonderful new! Alana is pregnant. ______ a beautiful baby.

A. She’s going to have

B. She’ll have

Are you ________________ for the English quiz?

A. going to study

B. are going to read

C. will take

D. will be

Bob can’t do this exercise alone, it’s too difficult. I ______ him.

A. am going to help

B. will help

I’m not sure yet, but maybe next holiday ______ to India.

A. I’ll go

B. I’m going

A: I don’t know how to use the washing machine.

B: It’s easy. ____________________you. (I / show)

A. I’ll show

B. I’m going to show

I think technology is ______________________ very quickly in the next ten years.

A. going to change

B. will change

C. are going to have

D. will to have

Susy’s starting college next month. ______ biology.

A. She’ll study

B. She’s going to study

Don’t go out now. ________ a thunderstorm. I’ve just heard it on the radio.

A. There’ll be

B. There’s going to be

C. There are

D. There is

Oh! Look at the sky. It_____________ be a beautiful day!

A. will

B. is going to

I’m very tired. I ______have a rest.

A. am to

B. am going to

C. will

D. is going to


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