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Will or Going to Quiz


Joe has to go to the airport tomorrow. He doesn’t know how to get there. Amy offers to take him.

Amy says: Don’t worry about getting to the airport, Joe. I _________ you. (take)

A. will take

B. am going to take

A: What are your plans for the summer?

B: I have planned everything. First, I ___________ a holiday for a few weeks. (have) Then ________ a training course. (do)

A. will have / will do

B. am going to have/ am going to do

A: Did you call Lisa?

B: Oh, no. I completely forgot. I ___________ her now. (call)

A. will call

B. am going to call

A: What would you like to eat?

B: I ___________ a pizza, please. (have)

A. will have

B. ‘m going to have

Look at the dark clouds! It ________soon. (rain)

A. will rain

B. is going to rain

I think I _________ more from now on.

A. will recycle

B. am going to recycle

A: Do you want to go to the park this afternoon?

B: I can’t. I __________________ (visit) my grandparents.

A. will visit

B. am going to visit

Your friend is worried because she has lost her driving licence.

You say: Don’t worry. I’m sure you ___________ it (find).

A. ‘ll find it.

B. ‘re going to find it.

You have decided to sell your car. You tell a friend of yours.

You say: I don’t need my car any more. I __________ it (sell).

A. ‘ll sell

B. ‘m going to sell

A: Where are you going? Are you going shopping?

B: Yes, I ___________ some things for dinner tonight. (buy)

A. will buy

B. ‘m going to buy

A: I forgot my wallet. I don’t have any money.

B: Don’t worry. I ___________ you some. (lend)

A. will lend

B. am going to lend you

A: Why are you filling that bucket with water?

B: I _____________ the car. (wash)

A. will wash

B. ‘m going to wash


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