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Wish - beginner Quiz


I wish Janet ________ to the meeting tomorrow.

A. had come

B. will come

C. came

D. would come

I wish Tom …….. so far away from the bus station.

A. live

B. didn’t live

C. lived

My car is too small. I wish I ______ a bigger one.

A. had

B. have

C. would have

D. could have

I wish I …….. so much work to do  now.

A. don’t have

B. didn’t have

C. hadn’t had

This exercise is very boring. I wish the teacher ______ us some more interesting things to do.

A. have given

B. would give

C. gave

D. give

My teacher doesn’t trust me. I wish he __________ me.

A. would trust

B. trusted

C. had trusted

D. trust

I’m sorry I missed your party. I really wish I ……

A. came

B. had come

C. didn’t come

I’m really sleepy today. I wish I _______Ted to the airport late last night.

A. wouldn’t take

B. weren’t taking

C. hadn’t taken

D. didn’t take

The food was excellent but I wish I ………. so much.

A. hadn’t eaten

B. had eaten

C. didn’t eat

I wish I __________ Henry of stealing my wallet.I found it under my bed yesterday.

A. didn’t accuse

B. hadn’t accused

C. wouldn’t accuse

D. won’t accuse

I like my chief but I wish he …. me some more responsibility soon.

A. gave

B. would give

C. had given

I wish I _____________ hard-working.

A. were

B. had been

C. will be

D. am

I have no idea where she has gone. I wish I …….

A. know

B. knew

C. had known

Gloria never seems to get tired. I wish I__________her energy.

A. would have

B. have

C. have had

D. had

I wish I ………. the money to buy a new car. My car often breaks down

A. have

B. had

C. will have


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