Grammar Quiz

Wish clause Quiz


I wish the rain_____ soon.

A. stop

B. stops

C. stopped

D. would stop

It’s high time we_____ these mice.

A. are getting rid of

B. are going to get rid of

C. get rid of

D. got rid of

Yesterday he missed the lesson. He wishes he______ it.

A. didn’t miss

B. hadn’t miss

C. hasn’t missed

D. hadn’t missed

She wishes she ______ a fairy now.

A. was

B. were

C. is

D. are

I wish I ______ to retake my exams.

A. do not have

B. will not have

C. am about

D. did not have

I wish this English course_____ the whole year.

A. will last

B. may last

C. lasted

D. last

They will drink wine but I wish they______

A. didn’t

B. don’t

C. won’t

D. wouldn’t

I don’t understand this point of grammar. I wish I ______ it better.

A. understood

B. would understand

C. had understood

D. understands

She talks too much but I wish she______

A. didn’t

B. doesn’t

C. won’t

D. wouldn’t

My wife wishes she______ the guitar now

A. could play

B. can play

C. could have played

D. plays

She made lot of mistakes but I wish she______

A. didn’t

B. hadn’t

C. wouldn’t

D. did

This poor old man wishes he_____

A. wasn’t born

B. has never been born

C. had never been born

D. would never be born


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