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Wish clause Quiz


Mrs.Hill wishes her daughter __________ to university next year.That’s why she sends her to private school.

A. will go

B. would go

C. had gone

D. going

Mr.Reed wishes his wife __________ her yellow dress to the wedding ceremony next Tuesday. He really likes it

A. wore

B. would wear

C. will wear

D. had worn

Peter’s flat is so hot. He wishes …………………

A. it isn’t so hot

B. it was so hot

C. it wasn’t so hot

D. it hadn’t been so hot

The following sentences are expression of congratulation,except………..

A. I congratulate you on your success

B. Nice work

C. How poor you are

D. That’s great

She has to work tomorrow.

-> She wishes ……………..

A. she hadn’t to work tomorrow

B. she didn’t have to work tomorrow

C. she hasn’t to work tomorrow

D. she won’t have to work tomorrow

I wish I ………….. how to design a website.

A. know

B. were knew

C. knew

D. can know

I don’t understand this point of grammar. I wish I ……………… it better

A. didn’t understand

B. could understand

C. would understand

D. had understood

I wish I __________ Henry of stealing my wallet.I found it under my bed yesterday

A. hadn’t accused

B. wouldn’t accuse

C. didn’t accuse

D. won’t accuse

I wish we ……………. on the beach now

A. are playing

B. was playing

C. were playing

D. can play

Thomas wishes he __________ so ill.He wants to go out and play with his friends,but he can’t.

A. weren’t

B. hadn’t been

C. won’t be

D. wouldn’t be

I wish you __________ so selfish

A. will be

B. weren’t

C. won’t be

D. were

I don’t understand this point of grammar. I wish I ______ it better.

A. understood

B. would understand

C. had understood

D. understands

She talks too much but I wish she______

A. didn’t

B. doesn’t

C. won’t

D. wouldn’t

Situation :
Rahma’s father has given her permission to walk to the mountain. Gibril is happy for her and expresses his hope that she will have a safe trip.

The conversation:
Rahma: “Thank God. Finally my father let me go to the mountain walk.”
Gibril : “______________________. Have a safe trip.”

A. I am happy for you

B. Wish me happy

C. Thank you very much

D. I hope so

This poor old man wishes he_____

A. wasn’t born

B. has never been born

C. had never been born

D. would never be born

She made lot of mistakes but I wish she______

A. didn’t

B. hadn’t

C. wouldn’t

D. did

Joseph wishes he __________ a rich man so that he could buy the red sports car in his dreams.

A. was

B. were

C. will be

D. would be

I wish I ______ to retake my exams.

A. do not have

B. will not have

C. am about

D. did not have

I hate living in England. It’s cold and wet. I wish I ……….. in Spain

A. had lived

B. could live

C. will live

D. lives

He wishes he ………….. an engineer now.

A. were

B. is

C. will be

D. would be

Situation :
Fadel is going to participate in the story telling competition.
Dara shows her hope that Fadel will get a prize.

The conversation:
Fadel : “Dara, wish me luck. I will take part in the story telling competition.”
Dara : “____________________. I hope you will win the competition.”

A. Thank you very much

B. I hope so

C. I am sorry

D. Sure, good luck

Phillip and John wish they __________ their homework. The teacher got very angry

A. did

B. had done

C. would do

D. will do

Sophie wishes her boss __________ her a promotion as she has been working diligently for a long time and she is very successful

A. will give

B. had given

C. would give

D. gave

I wish I ……………… German, but I can’t.

A. can speak

B. could speak

C. had spoken

D. didn’t speak

Pam wishes she __________ Sue’s phone number. She would phone her and invite her to the birthday party

A. knew

B. had known

C. would know

D. will know


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