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Wish, Unless, If sentence Quiz


My dog is making too much noise. If only it _____ quiet.

A. kept

B. would keep

C. had kept

D. keep

This train is very slow. The earlier train was much faster. I wish I ____ the earlier train.

A. caught

B. would catch

C. had caught

D. catches

If only my grandparents (visit) _____ me last week.

A. will visit

B. would visit

C. had visited

D. visit

It never stops raining here. I wish it ______ raining.

A. stopped

B. would stop

C. had stopped

D. will stop

I miss my friend. I wish my friend ______ here right now.

A. was

B. would be

C. had been

D. were

I cannot sleep. The dog next door is making too much noise. I wish it ______ quiet.

A. had kept

B. would keep

C. kept

D. will keep

___ she pays up, we’re going to be in real trouble.

A. if

B. unless

I was only in Miami for a week. I wish I ______ more time there but I had to go on to New York.

A. had

B. would have

C. had had

D. have

I should never have said that. I wish I ______ that.

A. didn’t say

B. wouldn’t say

C. hadn’t said

D. says

____ you stop smoking, you’ll be seriously ill.

A. If

B. Unless

This movie is terrible. I wish we ______ to see another one.

A. went

B. would go

C. had gone

D. go

I don’t want to go out ____ it’s raining- I hate getting wet.

A. if

B. unless

My face is bright red. I wish I ______ in the sun so long yesterday.

A. didn’t sit

B. wouldn’t sit

C. hadn’t sat

D. sat

If only tomorrow _____ fine.

A. will be

B. were

C. would be

D. had been

She’ll never agree to that ____ you accept her suggestions.

A. if

B. unless

____ we get the cheque today, we must bank it.

A. if

B. unless

___ he gets caught, he’ll go to jail.

A. if

B. unless

We’ll be in trouble ____ it goes wrong.

A. if

B. unless

I speak terrible English. I wish I ______ English well.

A. spoke

B. would speak

C. had spoken

D. speaks

____ you’re late, I’ll leave without you.

A. if

B. unless

C. Either could be used here.

I miss my grandmother. If only she_____ here right now.

A. were

B. could be

C. had been

D. were

I won’t be able to do it ____ you help me.

A. if

B. unless

C. Either could be used here.

I speak English badly. If only I _____ English well.

A. will visit

B. could visit

C. had visited

D. visited


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