Grammar Quiz

Would rather/ would prefer/ would like Quiz


I’d prefer to read for a while ___ TV.

A. to watch

B. rather than watch

C. that watch

Who would rather ______ and make dinner tonight?

A. stay home

B. to stay home

I prefer brown sugar _____ white sugar.

A. than

B. to

C. that

My sister ………… being famous…….. being intelligent.

A. prefers & to

B. prefer & to

C. would & or

D. prefer & than

I don’t fancy the theatre again. I’d rather __________ to the cinema.

A. to

B. go

C. going

I’d rather go in December ___ in May.

A. to

B. that

C. than

I would like _____ to the midnight show.

A. go

B. to go

I’d rather speak to him in person __________ things over the phone.

A. than discuss

B. to discussing

C. to discuss

Although I love relaxing on beaches, I think I prefer __________ in the mountains.

A. walk

B. walking

He’d prefer to keep his job _______ fired.

A. to being

B. rather than being

C. before to be

D. rather than be

I _______ he didn’t do it on his own.

A. ‘d prefer

B. ‘d like

C. ‘d rather

D. prefer

Maria ________ _________ go to English class _________ go to science class.

A. would prefer / rather than

B. would rather / rather than

C. would rather / than

D. would prefer / instead of

If I had a choice I think I’d rather ___________ London.

A. live in Paris than in

B. live in Paris to

C. to live in Paris than

She …………………. eat a salad than a hamburger.

A. prefer

B. would rather

I like trekking in the mountains, but I prefer ____ on a sandy beach.

A. lying

B. lie

C. to lying

I’d rather come with you ___ here alone.

A. than stay

B. than staying

C. to stay

My mother prefers … a grab car to a train.

A. take

B. takes

C. taking

D. to taking

She prefers playing guitar … listening music.

A. then

B. and

C. to

D. than

I prefer travelling by bus ___ travel by train.

A. to travel

B. to travelling

C. rather than

I’d prefer ______ just a salad.

A. have

B. having

C. to have

D. to having

I’d prefer to walk rather than _______ by car.

A. to go

B. go

C. going

D. to going

I don’t want to go out. I’d rather ___ home.

A. stay

B. staying

C. to stay

I’d prefer a movie _______ a concert.

A. rather than

B. to

C. that

D. from

Loris …………. swimming to jogging in the park.

A. prefers

B. prefer

C. prefering

D. would

They’d rather ______ their children to violent movies.

A. not take

B. not to take


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