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     Which sentence is written in active voice?
A.     The basketball net was cut down by the winning team
B.     The basketball team won the championship
C.     The trophies were handed out by the team’s coach
D.     The cheering of the crowd was heard by everyone.

The professor’s voice could not be heard in the back of the classroom.

A. This sentence is “Active.”
B. This sentence is “Passive.”

Not enough students have been enrolled, so the class will not be given.

A. This sentence is “Active.”
B. This sentence is “Passive.”

Which of the following sentences is written in passive voice?

A. Over half of the graduating class went to college in the fall.
B. The committee is considering a public transportation proposal.
C. The state exam was passed by over half of the students who took it.
D. The researchers will publish their findings in a report.

    Passive Voice
A.     The tone of the author
B.     When the subject does the action
C.     When the subject receives the action
D.     When there is a strong verb

The explanation wasn’t understood by most of the students.

A. This sentence is “Active.”
B. This sentence is “Passive.”

The passive voice is used when the subject is unknown or not important.

A. True
B. False

You can’t smoke cigarettes here.

A. This sentence is “Active.”
B. This sentence is “Passive.”

ANSWER FOR BONUS POINTS:Which of the following is NOT a berry?

A. Pineapple
B. Strawberry
C. Banana
D. Cranberry

Which sentence is in active voice?

A. Karen sang a sweet melody.

B. The sweet melody was sung by Karen.

Which sentence demonstrates passive voice?

A. Two boys were seen near the gym yesterday.
B. The telephone has rung ten times already.
C. Brittany’s bracelet has 16 silver charms.
D. Lisa’s red sweater was lying on the couch.

    “It looks like a real __________ oh no!”
A.     Comma
B.     Dash
C.     Ellipsis

    We each purchased several new outfits for winter.
A.     active
B.     passive

My books were returned to me after lunch.

A. Active

B. Passive

My son plays basketball on the school team.

A. This sentence is “Active.”
B. This sentence is “Passive.”

Which sentence is written in passive voice?

A. It was our tenth win of the season.
B. The scoreboard flashed the final numbers.
C. The game was won in the last thirty seconds.
D. The forward slam-dunked the ball in a brilliant last-minute play.

    Which of the following sentences is written in the passive voice?
A.     Mom is fixing dinner right now.
B.     Paul made that model airplane.
C.     A grand slam home run was hit by the catcher.

Which of the following is the plural form of the word information?

A. Information
B. Few informations
C. Informations
D. Pieces of information

1 George Washington Gale Ferris began his career in the railroad industry and then pursued an interest in bridge building.

2 Ferris realized that there was a growing need for structural steel in America.

3 G.W.G. Ferris & Co. was founded to test and inspect metals for railroads and bridge builders.

4 Only later did Ferris gain fame as the inventor of the famous wheel.

If Sara wants to maintain active voice in her text above, which sentence needs to be revised?

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4

I gave him a book for his birthday.

A. Active

B. Passive

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