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The hotel at that the family reunion is taking place is gorgeous.

A. Hotel
B. That
C. Is taking
D. Is

I like to think back on the “good old days” ______________ people seemed to have more time for one another.

A. When
B. Which
C. Where
D. Who

The singers, ……..are Indonesians, performed at Jakarta Hilton Center last night.

A. Some of them
B. Many of them
C. Many of whom
D. There
E. They whom

I saw the man…….read the book

A. Who
B. Which
C. Where
D. When

She met the boy…………is handsome

A. Who
B. Which
C. Where
D. When

They love the T-shirts what you helped me pick out.

A. They
B. T-shirts
C. What
D. helped me

Thomas : Do you know the woman standing there? Dian : Yes, she is the new English teacher ……..

A. Which can speak Dutch.
B. Whose her son is a student at LIA.
C. Who is also the computer teacher.
D. Whose husband he died last year.
E. Whom also the computer teacher.

What is the adjective clause in this sentence? Newton, Iowa, is the town where Barbara was born.

A. Newton, Iowa
B. Is the town
C. Where Barbara was born

Here is the house … i live

A. When
B. That
C. Where
D. Whose

What does which is the world’s busiest airport modify in this sentence? We live just twenty miles from O’Hare airport which is the world’s busiest airport.

A. Twenty miles
B. We
C. O’Hare Airport

the train,………….is black colour

A. Who
B. Which
C. Where
D. When

She lived in a big old house, ______________ I spend many happy hours.

A. Where
B. Which
C. That
D. Who

What is the adjective phrase in this sentence? Will you delay your trip to Disneyland?

A. Delay your trip
B. Will you
C. To Disneyland

Steven Spielberg movies, __________________ have seen, are very well thought stories with a lot of excitement and sympathetic characters.

A. Most of whose movies
B. Most of that I
C. Most of which I
D. Most of who I

We don’t know the reason ……..

A. Why does Alia come late.
B. When does Alia come late.
C. Whether does Alia come late.
D. Why Alia comes late.
E. Does Alia come late or not.

I’ll never forget the day where he took me horseback riding.

A. The day
B. Where
C. Took
D. Me

The movie … they watched was very interesting.

  1. whose
  2. whom
  3. that

Mrs Ratna : Who won the lottery at Berdikari Insurance Company? Laurinus : The employee ……..the Board of Directors had chosen as the best worker.

A. Which
B. Who
C. Whom
D. Whose
E. Where

Hachiko is the story of a lost dog that is found by chance by a man _____________ he develops a strong link that certainly shows how lovely and attached dogs can be to their owners.

A. With whom
B. With what
C. With which
D. With that

If you are a latecorner, according to Psychologist ……… talked to New York Times, you should change your attitude soon.

A. Where
B. When
C. Why
D. Who
E. Whom

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