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We don’t know the reason ……..

A. Why does Alia come late.
B. When does Alia come late.
C. Whether does Alia come late.
D. Why Alia comes late.
E. Does Alia come late or not.

Pay all the bills __________ are due this week.

A. —
B. That
C. When
D. They

Which sentence is correct?

A. The teacher her students wrote the letters is my friend.
B. The teacher who students wrote the letters is my friend.
C. The teacher whose students wrote the letters is my friend.

A friend of mine …….. we talked helped me do my homework.

A. Whom
B. From whom
C. To whom
D. Whose
E. Why

SMA 8 will give the scholarship to the students ……..

A. Which passed the selection test.
B. Pass the selection test.
C. Passed the selection test.
D. Have passed the selection test.
E. Who have passed the selection test.

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