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I’m looking for the books Mr. Jay ____________ .

A. Recommend
B. Recommends them
C. Recommends
D. Recommend them

Send some copies to the reporter who ___________ to write an article.

A. Want
B. —
C. Will
D. Wants

What is the adjective clause in this sentence? Is that the jacket you want to buy?

A. Is that the jacket
B. The jacket
C. You want to buy

What is the adjective clause in this sentence? That dog that you found belongs to the Olsons.

A. Belongs to the Olsons
B. That dog
C. That you found

He buys a car………has red colour

A. Who
B. Which
C. Where
D. When

Which sentence is correct?

A. The police officer caught the thief who’s car crashed.
B. The police officer caught the thief his car crashed.
C. The police officer caught the thief whose car crashed.

Thomas : Do you know the woman standing there? Dian : Yes, she is the new English teacher ……..

A. Which can speak Dutch.
B. Whose her son is a student at LIA.
C. Who is also the computer teacher.
D. Whose husband he died last year.
E. Whom also the computer teacher.

What is the adjective phrase in this sentence? He finished the dish of ice cream very quickly.

A. Of ice cream
B. He finished
C. Very quickly

What does with a white skin modify in this sentence. It was an elephant with a white skin,

A. Elephant
B. Was
C. It

What does who also coaches track modify in this sentence? Mr. Hartman is a history teacher who also coaches track?

A. Teacher
B. Mr. Hartman
C. History

The horse that he let me ride was the most beautiful animal who I had ever seen.

A. That
B. Was
C. Who
D. Had ever seen

Martha told me that the place ________________ stayed last vacation was really wonderful and that we should go there.

A. That she
B. Where
C. Which
D. Where she

I played there every day with her daughter, ______________ name was Katy.

A. Which
B. Whose
C. That
D. Whom

The classmate ____________ I remember best was Rosa.

A. That
B. Which
C. Where
D. Whose

What does that I attended modify in this sentence? Over there is the school that I attended?

A. Over
B. School
C. There

I always remember the times _________ my family and I spent Christmas together.

A. When
B. Where
C. Who
D. That

Bring in the role of film _____________ Uncle Pete took at the reunion.

A. What
B. With which
C. —
D. Whom

Please write to Mr. Coppel, ____________ I met at the pool.

A. That
B. Who
C. —
D. Where

A friend of mine …….. we talked helped me do my homework.

A. Whom
B. From whom
C. To whom
D. Whose
E. Why

The teacher …….. bag was left in the teacher’s room talked to Mrs Ida Napitupulu.

A. Who
B. That
C. Where
D. Whose
E. Which

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